A Pattern of Post-Injection COVID: Is the 'Vaccine' Causing Deadly Outbreaks?

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Social media posts sharing the claim made by Dr. Harvey Risch on April 19 in an interview on Steve Bannon's War Room that a majority of new 'Covid19' cases are among the vaccinated recently went viral, adding fuel to the theories that these injections are either directly causing or increasing the rate of 'Covid19' infections. The claim was dutifully 'fact-checked' by the establishment fact-checkers, but that does not magically erase the mountains of evidence indicating a clear pattern of 'Covid19' spikes and deadly outbreaks immediately following vaccination, which will be documented below. In fact, as shocking as it may sound, such an outcome is actually to be expected according to the establishment 'experts' who have warned that a 'third wave' of 'Covid19' will actually be driven primarily by hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated, figure that one out.

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I really don't know what to say to those who believe that a truly 'effective' vaccine should somehow result in the next big wave of 'Covid19' somehow being dominated by the vaccinated, as this study predicts. If the vaccinated become the largest driver of disease in any future outbreaks, we clearly have a serious problem with the 'vaccine', whether it is merely ineffective or in some way causing or contributing to these new outbreaks.

The new establishment report predicted that 60% of UK hospitalizations in a coming 'third wave' would actually be fully vaccinated people, incidentally the same percentage of new 'Covid19' cases reported by the colleagues of Dr. Risch to be among the vaccinated, so there is nothing inherently 'crazy' or 'conspiratorial' about such observations apart from such optics not being a good sell for the experimental injections, and yet the establishment has done their best to discredit this claim as part of their ongoing propaganda campaign.

“What clinicians are telling me is more than half of the new covid cases that they’re seeing to treat is people who’ve been vaccinated,” Dr. Risch said. “They’ve estimated 60 percent of new patients they’ve been treating have been people who’ve been vaccinated.”

Since the social media posts were only sharing the quote by Dr. Risch, PolitiFact simply discounted this testimony based upon the reports of numerous physicians around the country as merely "anecdotal," and thus entirely irrelevant. Why? Because it contradicts the chosen narrative supported by nothing but CDC assertions and the Big Pharma vaccine-pushers that claim the injections are 80% effective after the first dose and 90% effective after the second dose. Never mind the UK study authors who predict a 'Covid19' resurgence dominated by the vaccinated based this prediction on a 90% efficacy rate, such observations must be false because they contradict other establishment 'experts'! So now the observations of medical professionals who are actually seeing and treating patients being diagnosed with 'Covid19', the doctor who relays those observations, and anyone sharing that doctor's claim are being universally deemed purveyors of false information that has been officially labeled a lie - rated "Pants on Fire!" by PolitiFact - despite these widespread firsthand observations also being supported by a large number of medical studies cited by other pro-vaccine establishment 'experts'.

Of course it doesn't bode well for those attempting to push these injections on the population, but by now this widespread pattern of increased 'Covid19' infections immediately the first dose of the experimental mRNA injections most widely used the US and much of Europe has been pretty well established. And although this is chalked up to increasing socializing among the vaccinated by many, the pattern itself cannot be denied (although the fact-checkers will ignore it in their desperate attempts to discredit any information that challenges the narrative in any way). Michael Day, in an article published by the British Medical Journal on March 19, writes:

Experts have called for stronger health warnings for people being vaccinated against covid-19 after observing a rise in infections shortly after vaccination, suggesting that many people are letting their guard down before the vaccine has taken effect.

Earlier this month a study led by Public Health England of vaccination in the over 70s found a “notable” rise in covid-19 infections in people immediately after they received the Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca vaccine.[1] Similarly, a study of Israel’s vaccination programme, reported in February, found a similar spike in cases among people who had just been jabbed.[2] It found that daily incidence approximately doubled after vaccination until about day 8.

On March 26 2021, diagnostic pathologist Clare Craig submitted a rapid response to this publication challenging the author's conclusion that people 'letting their guard down' was responsible for this sharp rise in , entitled Thinking beyond behavioural change as an explanation for increased COVID post vaccination, referencing a number of additional studies documenting a similar effect:

As well as the papers cited by the authors, other studies have shown a similar effect. A Danish study showed a 40% increase in infections in the first two weeks after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination, despite not vaccinating in homes with recent outbreaks.[1] Indeed, the original Pfizer trial demonstrated a statistically significant 40% increase in ‘suspected COVID’, with 409 cases in the vaccination arm in the first week of the trial, compared with 287 in the placebo arm.[2] Other publications have omitted mention of the period immediately after vaccination.[3] [4] There is substantial anecdotal evidence of people who had tested negative prior to vaccination, becoming infected shortly afterwards, invariably attributed to exposure just before vaccination.[5] Others have raised concerns about this.[6]

As I have previously documented, a number of deadly 'Covid19' outbreaks have occurred immediately following large vaccination drives in populations receiving their initial injections. This is the type of anecdotal evidence being referenced above and it is significant, not only because it is supported by study data and fits into a clear pattern being widely observed around the world, but also because in many cases these outbreaks occur in populations which had remained unaffected by 'Covid19' for the duration of the 'pandemic' and were still under quarantine when the outbreaks began. Such examples offer compelling evidence challenging the theory that the surge in post-'vaccine' disease is being caused by people 'letting their guard down' and ignoring 'pandemic measures'. After all, if the establishment theory held any water, then we would expect there to also be a noticeable 'Covid19' comeback in states which have lifted restrictions, and that this resurgence would immediately follow, and yet the exact opposite effect has been observed, the most prominent example being Texas which went from enforcing strict measures to fully open with all 'pandemic' measures lifted, and yet there has been well over a month of steadily declining cases, hospitalizations and deaths. And having recently been to Texas and a number of other states without restrictions in place, I can attest to the fact that very large numbers of people (consistently 60-100%) are going about their lives in completely normal fashion, jam-packed into restaurants at maximum capacity without masks, shaking people's hands and hugging each other like they used to, not isolating at home or practicing social distancing of any kind, and still no resurgence of the so-called virus.

This pattern is shown once again in the latest study to come out from the University of Oxford, although this aspect of the study findings are pretty much ignored, for obvious reasons. We see here the same pattern "that has become very familiar from Covid vaccine studies: the post-vaccine spike in infections," researcher Will Jones writes. "The infection rate rises [from 0.28] to 0.38 in the first week after the first jab and then 0.45 in weeks two and three, a 61% jump above the pre-jab ‘baseline’."**

Screenshot_2021-05-07 New Oxford Study Confirms Spike in Infections Following Vaccination – Lockdown Sceptics.png

What might be the strangest pattern seen in the study results, however, is the massive decrease in chance of infection in the three weeks leading up to vaccination, with the chance of infection almost identical between those previously infected and those with the second dose, indicating that those who have fallen ill and recovered develop natural immunity that is just as effective as the 'protection' offered when 'fully vaccinated', although the latter will need constant booster shots to maintain and the former appears to be long-lasting. And since symptomatic infections are the only reliable indication of illness, it is important that this same pattern of increased risk of disease following initial injection is reflected in symptomatic cases (yellow dots in the graph below) and not just 'cases'.

Screenshot_2021-05-07 Impact of vaccination on SARS-CoV-2 cases in the community a population-based study using the UK’s CO[...].png

The reason for an increase in 'Covid19' infections in the month following initial injection can be debated, but the fact that there have been numerous 'Covid19' outbreaks and individual cases of illness in the days and weeks immediately following vaccination is a well established reality, that now seems well supported by a number of medical studies.

Furthermore, the same pattern of deadly outbreaks following vaccination seen on a small scale in various locales around the world (documented below) is also occurring on a larger scale in a number of countries like India, where the first nationwide spike in COVID deaths in a year only occurred following the vaccine rollout. Similar situation played out in Brazil.

As summarized by Indrani Roy on March 22, in a rapid response to the article published by the British Medical Journal entitled, Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us:

A highly populated country India was having a steady decrease for five months. India did not have any lockdown. Though neighbouring countries Pakistan and Bangladesh experienced the 2nd wave this winter but India did not. India passed major festive seasons where social distancing was very difficult to be maintained, still cases and deaths continued to decline. Surprisingly, vaccination started on 16th January and from around 16th February, India started showing a rise in cases. Now there is a steep rise in deaths too [2]. As India nearly managed the disease without any vaccine or lockdown, it attracted global attention. However, scientists failed to associate any obvious cause for the sudden surge in the recent period when winter passed. India’s neighbouring countries Pakistan and Bangladesh also started a rise in cases in recent period, after vaccination started, though they already experienced a 2nd wave last winter.

For Brazil, vaccination started in mid-January and a sharp rise in cases is observed since mid-February. Such a steep rise in deaths in Brazil that happened for the last one month never happened in the whole period of pandemic. It already reached twice the height of previous peaks [3]. Globally, the cases started increasing after 5 weeks of a steady decline and coincidentally, the period of rise matches when major vaccination programmes were initiated worldwide.

The sharp spike in deaths correlating to 'vaccine' administration in India can be seen in the graph below, data through April 22:

Screenshot_2021-05-07  jasonliberty.png

It is definitely strange to behold the massive rollout of the very product marketed as the 'solution' to 'Covid19' being immediately followed by a resurgence of global cases and, in some countries, the deadliest outbreaks to date. This of course does not prove that the 'vaccine' is causing disease being labeled as 'Covid19' or deaths being attributed to the same, although it certainly does cast doubt on the effectiveness of a product being sold as 'safe and effective', and raises questions as to why there are so many 'COVID' deaths and outbreaks in the weeks immediately following vaccination campaigns. Despite the clear correlation between vaccination and increased disease and death attributed to COVID, the media refuses to even consider the possibility that there is any chance at all that these experimental injections just may be causing or contributing to 'Covid19' deaths and infections, and refuses to address the known and well established risk of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) inherent in coronavirus vaccines (also known as pathogenic priming or immune enhancement), whereby the 'vaccine' causes far more serious disease in the vaccinated upon exposure to the pathogen, often leading to death.

An NIH study warned of this risk, noting that its obviation in paperwork was preventing truly informed consent among recipients to occur. In other words, those pushing this experimental injection and their establishment media puppets are intentionally ignoring and suppressing this known risk in order to collect more volunteers for their global human experiment with their unapproved experimental injections.

COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.

Meanwhile Pfizer spokesperson at an FDA safety meeting before authorization admitted that monkeys in their trials had still become infected after being vaccinated, clearly suggesting that these experimental mRNA injections are not effective at preventing transmission of the 'virus' if indeed such a coronavirus responsible for causing 'Covid19' even exists. The possibility also remains that the injections may have in fact been responsible for causing the infection in the monkeys.

In any event, the coordinated suppression of the known risks of ADE by the very same ones vehemently denying the possibility that these shots could cause 'Covid19' does not lend their claims any credibility, and in fact such behavior only fuels the fires of skepticism. We do know as a matter of fact that one of the more commonly reported adverse effect is people falling ill the day of injection, often with severe flu-like symptoms including fever / headache / chills / cramping / intense pain, sometimes these initial side effects are followed by days or even weeks of flu- or Covid-like disease, and in a number of cases this initial illness ends with death, as about 40% of reported deaths in the US occur in people who got sick in the first 48 hours following injection. That the shots are causing disease and death that could easily be labeled (possibly mislabeled) as 'Covid19' is pretty clear, and the strong possibility also exists that vaccinated populations are in fact just coincidentally being initially exposed soon after injection and are experiencing the effects of pathogenic priming, a far higher number of cases of serious disease, along with more hospitalizations and deaths that would otherwise occur. In either case, there little question that these experimental injections are causing, or at the very least contributing to, a large number of deaths, both related and totally unrelated to these 'Covid19' outbreaks, with the VAERS database recording the single largest number of reported vaccine deaths since its inception in 2021, a post-vaccine death spike that indicates a far more dangerous injection than all previously approved vaccines that are currently on the market, not to mention that this alarming massive spike is only representative of the first 4 months of the vaccination campaign and will likely double or triple by the end of the year...

Screenshot_2021-05-06  rok-sivante(2).png

See my recent post on vaccine harm for more info and some examples of these deaths, and this post here documents quite a few more examples of these deaths that can't possibly all be mere coincidences.

Screenshot_2021-05-06 vkazdp pdf(18).png
Screenshot_2021-05-06 vkazdp pdf(13).png

That there are so many patterns in the deaths and injuries following these injections is indicative of a strong correlation between vaccination and the injuries, and in many of these cases cause is almost certain. That one of these clear patterns being observed all around the world is an increase in serious 'Covid19' cases and deaths cannot be ignored. The Indian headlines above are sourced from a 124 page document filled with evidence of vaccine harm and deaths compiled from hundreds of headlines and social media posts around the world, and I was scrolling through it as a part of my research in preparation for making my previous post I ran into a few reports of post-vaccine 'Covid19' deaths that I wasn't previously aware of, such as the 48 year old UK father seen below, who "died of COVID despite having Pfizer vaccine" just "two days before he was diagnosed."

Screenshot_2021-05-06 vkazdp pdf(15).png

If such cases were rare, they could easily be chalked up as mere coincidences, but considering just how widespread these reports are, it's unlikely these could truly all be coincidental, especially considering just how often such deadly outbreaks arise immediately following vaccination in nursing homes and other communities that had remained disease-free for the entirety of the 'pandemic', often despite the only new exposure to the outside world being exposure to the 'vaccine'. Some of these have been reported by health workers on social media accounts...

Screenshot_2021-05-06 vkazdp pdf(14).png

I will list all of the additional examples I am familiar with below, accompanied with brief summaries, concluding with the ones I have already covered about a month ago. Considering how many I missed the first time I researched this matter, there are surely more examples that I have been able to find in the little time I invested in my search for these stories (I have not yet viewed all 124 pages of the above-mentioned document either), but the ones documented here should still be more than enough to establish a very clear pattern that aligns with the studies showing the same - a sharp rise in 'Covid19' infections in the three weeks following initial injection.

All examples will be accompanied by both infection fatality rates (IFR) and post-injection fatality rates based upon the numbers of total cases and total residents of the communities where the outbreaks occurred, so readers can see the disproportionately high 'Covid19' fatality rate in these post-injection outbreaks compared to the national US average, which, even for the most at-risk population - the elderly - is about 5.6% according to CDC data (while the average survival rate is far higher, and chance of death for young practically nonexistent).

Bearing in mind that the PCR tests being used to determine number of cases are being set at high cycle thresholds resulting in an estimated false positivity rate of at least 90%, and that the 'virus' which has not been proven cause 'Covid19' has never even been isolated and thus even proven to exist, these examples are being shared as reported from the mainstream perspective that accepts both PCR testing as a highly accurate diagnostic tool and the existence of 'Covid19' as a new disease shown to caused by a novel coronavirus that is known to exist. This does not constitute an endorsement of the mainstream theory on my part. No matter your stance on the subject, people are getting sick and dying, and the evidence presented below is just as relevant whether or not the disease outbreaks and deaths attributed to 'Covid19' are actually caused by a coronavirus-induced disease or not. The evidence strongly suggests that, whatever this disease is, in these and many other cases it is being caused by and/or at the very least being made far more severe by the 'vaccine'.

Screenshot_2021-05-06 vkazdp pdf(17).png

On February 1, we can read from RT how all 78 residents of a nursing home in Spain tested positive in a "huge outbreak" immediately following vaccination, in which at least seven people died, and four remained hospitalized at the time of the article's publication.

“On January 13, all residents, including nursing home staff, were vaccinated with the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and after six days the first symptoms began to appear in ten of the residents,” the nursing home staff said in a statement.

7 deaths out of 78 total cases = 8.9% fatality rate, representing both IFR and overall post-injection fatality rate.

Elsewhere at another Spanish nursing home, a similar but far deadlier episode was reported on February 15, where 46 of the vaccinated nursing home residents had died by the end of the month in a deadly "coronavirus outbreak" first reported by nursing home staff "in the wake of a vaccine distribution campaign."

Staff first reported a coronavirus outbreak at Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary), a nursing home in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia in Spain on January 12, in the wake of a vaccine distribution campaign.

An additional 28 of the 94 remaining living residents (along with 12 staff) also tested positive for 'Covid19', so a total of 46 out of the 74 infected residents and 140 total residents died, an exceedingly high 62.1% 'Covid19' fatality rate and 32.8% post-injection fatality rate.

"At another nursing home in the same southwestern Spanish province, in Novo Sancti Petri, in Chiclani, 22 elderly residents died and 103 were infected following a vaccination campaign," Life Site News goes on to report, translating to a 21.3% 'Covid19' fatality rate.

In the UK, at least 22 nursing home residents died in "one of the worst known outbreaks...to date," the Basingstoke Gazette reported in late January.

"It is understood the outbreak started as residents began to have their first coronavirus vaccines," and yet the MHRA "said there was no suggestion the vaccine was responsible for the deaths." When the outbreak was first declared on January 5, 60% of the residents already tested positive, and within three weeks 22 had already died, “over one-third of the home's residents”!

22 dead out of ~60 total residents and ~40 cases = 55% 'Covid19' fatality rate and 36.6% post-injection fatality rate.

Then we have a post-vaccine outbreak in an Israeli nursing home that is notable, not because of a high rate or number of deaths, but rather due to the fact it had "maintained zero infections among residents for 10 months," but then "nearly 30 test COVID positive after vaccine." At least one resident died, in this case a relatively low IFR of 3.3%, quite close to the expected average for this age group, although the sudden outbreak immediately following vaccination is still alarming.

Screenshot_2021-05-08 Post-vaccine outbreak in Israeli nursing home.png

@lighteye reported on a post-vaccine outbreak in a nursing home where he lives in Serbia shortly after vaccination campaign was launched there, with 125 out of the 156 total vaccinated residents soon 'infected'! There has not been to my knowledge any update on number of deaths if any of these patients did die following the initial outbreak.

Screenshot_2021-05-08 После вакцинације 156 људи у дому за старе у Шапцу, 125 заражено короном (ВИДЕО)(1).png
Screenshot_2021-05-08 После вакцинације 156 људи у дому за старе у Шапцу, 125 заражено короном (ВИДЕО).png

There seems to be no end to this post-injection strangeness, in a world where things often seem to be working backwards as soon as vaccination campaigns are kicked off...

Screenshot_2021-05-08 A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deat[...](1).png

On December 29, exactly one week following vaccination of 193 nursing home residents at a NY nursing home, a string of coronavirus deaths begin, leaving 24 dead in less than two weeks, the first recorded COVID deaths in the nursing home since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ all the way back in March. The ‘Covid19’ outbreak is said to have started on December 21 due to ‘post-Thanksgiving surge’, literally the day before the injections were given to the residents, with a total of 137 reported positive cases since.

24 deaths out of 139 corona cases = 17.2% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate, 24 of 193 vaccinated = 12.4% post-injection fatality rate.

Then we have nine retired Catholic nuns in Michigan die in ‘Covid19’ outbreak in the days immediately following vaccination of all retirement home residents in January, outbreak officially declared just 1 day before injections were given.

Outbreak occurred despite stringent quarantine measures:

After more than nine months without a COVID-19 case among residents, the Adrian Dominican Sisters announced an outbreak on Jan. 14. It said “stringent protocols,” including quarantines, were being followed.

Vaccination of residents took place on January 15.

9 of 46 corona cases = 19.5% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate, 12 total deaths that month out of approximately 200 total residents = ~ 4.5-6% post-vaccination fatality rate.

Three nuns in Kentucky monastery of 35 die in ‘Covid19’ outbreak declared two days following vaccination of residents in which 80% or 28 nuns are declared to be infected.

2 initial deaths & 1 later reported following hospitalization without recovery = 10.7% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate or 8.5% post-vaccination fatality rate.

Again, stringent lockdown of the monastery and COVID-free conditions for months until vaccination began leads to questions of how the ‘virus’ got in...

The question is: How did the coronavirus get in? During the pandemic, the sisters of St. Walburg closed the monastery to visitors and held no religious services in the hopes of staying healthy.

Until last week, that was the case.

"We were very shocked by it because we’ve been extremely closed-down. We have not gone anywhere to speak of, and we haven’t had visitors,” said Sub Prioress Nancy Kordenbrock.

According to local news, the outbreak was declared two days following vaccination of residents...

But according to an AFP ‘fact-check’ that never actually debunked the headline it deemed misinformation, one nun told the news agency that one of the sick nuns had actually tested positive just before the vaccination campaign, supposedly ‘debunking’ the possibility that injections caused the outbreak (but not ruling out the possibility that the injections may have ultimately been the cause of the severity of the outbreak and associated deaths via ‘pathogenic priming’ well known to be caused by other unapproved coronavirus vaccines of the past).

9 of 25 coronavirus patients die in “severe post-vaccination Covid-19 outbreak” in Irish nursing home in January that was declared a week following injection of the residents, with 25 in the 50-bed facility deemed ‘Covid19’ positive, rendering a 36% ‘Covid19’ fatality rate or 18%+ post-vaccination fatality rate. (Irish times)

8 of 31 vaccinated German nursing home occupants die in weeks following injection in January = 25.8% post-injection fatality rate, with onset of illness eventually leading to death being immediate (beginning on the same day of injection), 11 of remaining living occupants fall ill with the very same symptoms following second dose. Several of these 31 elderly dementia patients who were otherwise extremely healthy for their old age were forcibly injected (and swabbed/tested) against their will in the presence of German soldiers used to intimidate them, while not a single one of them was able to give informed consent as they were not informed of known risks including possible immune enhancement. All tested ‘Covid19’-negative prior to injections, many tested positive in the days following injection, however the symptoms of their illness doesn’t match common ‘Covid19’ symptoms. Read more from the testimony of the whistleblower who broke the story - 'The terrible dying after vaccination':

Screenshot_2021-05-08 Whistleblower from Berlin nursing home the terrible dying after vaccination - 2020 NEWS.png

Compare every above example to the almost certainly overinflated 5% mortality rate experienced/expected in typical ‘Covid19’ outbreaks prior to vaccination in these same elderly populations, and then please tell me how any honest individual can continue to insist that there is not something sinister going on here, especially considering all of the other concerning evidence discussed above. The evidence is available for all to see, and I will let the reader come to their own conclusions as to what that evidence means, as there are at least several different plausible theories, more than one of which could potentially be simultaneously part of the truth of what is going on here. One thing is for certain, and that is how desperate the establishment is to censor and suppress all open discussion of these widely known and well established facts, and that alone is enough to start raising red flags.

As anyone who simply reports these facts is censored, smeared, discounted as crazy, ridiculed, ‘fact checked’ and increasingly forced out of ‘normal’ society, the number of medical doctors around the world who are asking these important questions, demanding answers and requesting investigations into these reported vaccine harms grows by the day. As just one of many examples, we recently had a French drug assessment center demand for the withdrawal of all four widely used 'vaccines' from the market until further research is conducted, as, "According to the CTIAP, all of the vaccines were put on the market and actively used on human beings before ‘proof of quality for the active substance and the finished product’ was produced.**

The authors of the report consider that the “variabilities, which impact the very core of the product, could even invalidate any clinical trials conducted” in the coming months and years.

They go so far as to state: “Prudence would even dictate that, in all countries where these vaccines against COVID-19 have been marketed, all the batches thus ‘released’ should be withdrawn immediately; and that these MAs that have been granted should be suspended, or even canceled, as a matter of urgency until further notice.”

The media continues to consistently ignore, suppress and discount all such warnings in favor of mindlessly repeating the Big Pharma propaganda mantra - 'safe and effective - while Big Tech often additionally engages in coordinated social media censorship and establishment 'fact-checking' campaigns.

Whatever we are dealing with here, we are being lied to, we are being manipulated, and sweeping violations of basic human rights including violations of informed consent requirements are occurring across the entire planet as the march towards mandatory vaccination continues, with the whole human race being used as Big Pharma guinea pigs in what is likely the single largest human experiment in medical history.

The Covid Cult must be stopped, along with the insanity their tyrannical new normal has bred. Humanity must start acknowledging the available facts that those in establishment circles are no longer 'allowed' to talk about, if we ever hope to find the truth and have medicine and science progress. Dogma and blind obedience will simply never do, and censorship / suppression of inconvenient facts is the behavior of dictatorial oppressive deceivers, not the 'saviors of humanity' which the vaccine-pushers have falsely made themselves out to be. And no amount of free doughnuts for 'vaccine' recipients will ever change that reality, nor can such cheap incentives erase the criminal history of the vaccine manufacturers pushing their experimental injections on humanity for their own corporate profit as opposed to the greater good of humanity.

Screenshot_2021-05-08 VAERS EUA Data, FDA Advisory Meeting, and How MSM Should Fight Misinformation.png

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