SWARM : Girl Bye - Episode 5 - Personal Thoughts


The day have come and finally there is a slow episode on this series, I'm almost done with season one and have to say it has been a wild ride, definitely nothing like what I'm use to watch but if Donald Glover is related to it wont be average that's for sure, for how long the story has gone I don't think it will end in one season, besides the description on IMDB says TV series and not mini-series so I hope there will be a second season.

I know the way this series develops its totally different but I don't like how some things do not correlated to previous episodes for example how Dre, full name Andrea, shows up with different cars on every episode, is she stealing cars?? last episode had a Volvo she use to kill Eva and now she has probably a BMW, that's what it looks like on this episode. Marissa's iPhone got smash probably while she was fighting the girls when Dre ran over Eva but that's not clear neither because on the scene when she ran over Eva doesn't show when was the phone smash, missing this kind of details I don't like, is like telling an incomplete story, the appeal of the story is how crazy is Dre it really has nothing else to do with the rest of the characters is just how crazy is Dre that will do anything to meet Nijah or be friends with her but I would like the story to make more sense between episodes.

Over all I really don't like this episode if it was not for the ending, finally some one stops Dre and fights back, all previous episodes some how she manage to kill people deliberately and nothing happens to her.


This episode is really short compare to the other ones, if this was release on a weekly basis as other TV series I think viewers would not appreciate that, is about ten minutes shorter than usual at first I thought it was just slow but then notice there are only about five scenarios and very low amount of characters that's when I check the time it last.

It all starts with Dre trying to fix Marissa phone, its not hers, after Marissa pass out she kept her phone and have been texting back and forward like she still alive and answering her text back, that's just normal crazy Dre, what I love about this scene is how Dre dare to force people do things for her but Kenny the guy on post cover, but he was not having it and she gave him a look I thought latter on she would go after him and eventually kill him if he denied to fix the phone.


This scenes was the worst, nothing against Karen performance is just Erica character, I just don't like her but I think that's part of the series too, make you feel bad, depress, mix feelings to then let dopamine kick in when ever Dre kills someone or is escaping. Erica sees Dre at the mall and start catching up, Dre has done a lot of traveling going after those talking shit about Nijah and trying to meet her, time has pass and looks like some things have happen back at home town, Dre comes up with a very depressing story of how she was doing make up and end up meeting Nijah mother, making up the entire story, lord please don't let this series based on true events because I cant imagine someone so insane as Dre, makes me feel sad for those she could hurt, the first moment she meet Nijah she bit her in the face WTF.


The car situation, she doesn't have the old Volvo anymore and now rides what it looks like a BMW or Honda Accord, any ways its a different car, she goes to Marissa's parents house to get her father to activate Marissa's iPhone, on every episode there is a big WTF.

She brakes in the house and start looking around, Marissa parents had money and live well, Dre had time to eat, throw some cloth to the washer and take a bath, waiting for Marissa parents.


Sick bitch comes from behind Marissa's mother and point her with a gun she found upstairs in the main room asking to turn on Marissa's iPhone but her mother is all cool like she doesn't give a fuck, she answers Dre took everything from them so there is nothing to worry about if she dies, besides they did lost a baby at six days old so she is probably tired of life but wont kill herself or probably they already knew Dre was at the house and had a plan to get her.


Harris, Marissa's father comes down with a shotgun, Dre tries to intimidate him saying he will shoot his wife but none of them get any of it, Dre gives up easy and now they were going to call the cops , in the meantime Harris tries to psycho analyze Dre, they feel like Dre kill her daughter, but for the first time there is something that has not been explain, the real connection between Marissa and Dre, like Harris adopt Dre or brought her in because some one paid him, He asks Dre to turn around and she runs away, I think he was decided to kill her there still more story to explain of how Dre and Marissa met, live together, live in the conditions they were living and their obsession for Nijah, probably not all those will be answer but now we know a bit more.


Dre throws herself from the second floor of the house busting her ankle or leg, while Harris is shooting at her, she manage to escape but now she is hurt, not sure if Harris to get her but lets see if she comes back for the phone and probably kill them.

The worst episode from all but the other four episodes are good so cant complain besides on this episode FINALLY there is some one that comes after Dre, this none stop killing without any consequences makes anyone mad, Dre needs to be stop, I'm not buying the she doesn't know what she is doing, just because she is crazy doesn't mean she doesn't have to deal with the consequences of her actions, it wouldn't be strange if she comes back for the phone and kill Harris, Dre is not rational so anything can happen besides right now Nijah pass to a second place since she cant connect with Marissa anymore because all she got was her phone, before the phone went off it was all about meeting Nijah again so whats going to be next??

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