Building Forts

In the 1990's, during my Homeschooling Days, as kids, we would try to build tree forts, sheds, houses, bike powered wagon taxis, flying skateboards, forts, club houses, nailed bowling pin robots, towers, obstacle courses, this and that out of wood, a front yard mud-resting Barbie House which I was making for Crystal, my younger sister. Also for Christmas one year, a game board thing as well which I made for her.

Chaotic Success

I'll let you guess which of those things were successes and which were epic failures. Most of those things were things I was working on and I kind of did some of those things and kind of failed in the sense that these things were never good enough and they didn't last for long.


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Building Forts

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1995 apx - Janet Bailey, Crystal, Joey, Backyard 01.png

1995 - Maybe or around that time in the backyard, me hanging from a branch, Crystal, Janet, and maybe Tiffany Cumbo as well on the ladder, possibly Bill & Rick in the tree as well.

1994 - Mom, Rick, Crystal, Joey 01.png

1994 - This was possibly the last professionally done family photos ever as of 2019, featuring mom, Rick in blue, I'm Joey in orange, and blond hair Crystal in white.

1995 apx - Rick School Pic 01.png

1995 - I think of Rick's school photo. If this was in the winter or spring of 1995, since Rick was born on the 5th of February of 1982. he would probably be in 6th grade in this photo. But I'm not exactly sure which year and which grade this was. But around this time.

1995 maybe - Katie and maybe Lisa 01.png

My older sister and maybe Lisa in maybe 1995 or maybe after that and most likely before 2000.

1998 maybe or before 2004 maybe - Katie and maybe Amy 01.jpg

Katie and maybe Amy around maybe 1998 or maybe before 2004.

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