Dan Kennedy

As a youth group, we went to Seattle to watch the Mariners play baseball back in August of 1998, back when I was thirteen years old.

Seattle Splash

In this photo, which my mom just found in a random box today, you can see me, Joey Arnold, my brother, Rick Arnold, Pastor Dan Kennedy, some of his kids, Ryan Flynn, a cute black girl that I might have had a crush on, Tim Fosmark, Liz, and maybe a few other people. That version of our church, of our youth group, lasted a few years, probably, during the late 90's, and it then started dying off or transitioning in like 1999. We attended Seattle Splash for a weekend in August of 1998. Some of the people in this photo didn't go with us when we went back to attend Seattle Splash again, the next year in August of 1999. But I attended twice.

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Glasses Kennedy

This is a daughter of the pastor. She might have attended my first college, the Word Of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI), in New York, as I was a student there from 2004-2006, and I remember seeing her there. I said hello to her and her dad one time during like college graduation or something around that time.

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Rick Arnold

I started attending youth group at our church around 1995, and I started inviting Ricky. For some months or something, he was not attending church. I encouraged him to start going again. We were attending our Cornelius Community Baptist Church from around 1985-2003 or so. I was born in 85 and we all started drifting away from our church as we approached the late 90's but I went back to it a few times up until 2003. After that, I've visited a few times until maybe 2012. Our church transitioned through Pastor Tom Harris, from like France, to Pastor Dan Kennedy, to Pastor Eric Morse, other pastors from time to time, and that church eventually went back to Pastor Dave Weber who introduced me to the gospel in 1990 during a sermon, when I was five. Dave was our pastor in the late 80's and early 90's. He was also a teacher. He was probably pushed out by deacons, by the other leaders of our church, around 1992, maybe unfairly, maybe he was not coming to work enough on the weekdays. He ended up coming back to pastor the church around 2008 or something.

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Miss Muffin

During our summer Seattle Splash trip in August of 1998, we watched a Seattle Mariners baseball game, we visited the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Pike Place Market in Seattle. We may have visited a water park.

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Tim Fosmark

During the late 90's, as a youth group, we went camping a few times. We played the Bigger Better game, or maybe that was my other youth group of the Hillsboro First Baptist Church. But anyways, we also had Locked-in events, parties, as in New Years Eve Parties, all-nighters, where we had snacks, activities, games, pop, fun, all night until about 8:00 AM in the morning. We also had like a Lockedin (not Linkedin) in like 1999 in like April.

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Dan Kennedy

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Liz Elizabeth Warren
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Dan Kennedy

Pastor of our Cornelius Community Baptist Church around 1998
1998 apx Youth Group Dan Kennedy Dan Headshot.png

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1998 August | the photo was taken, probably in Oregon
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