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The King is Back?

Puffer or Poffer, our pet cat, played this character, this new main villain for an unfinished 1997 Power Rangers parody film made by me, Joey Arnold, which followed the original film I made with family and friends in 1996 right before my eleventh birthday which YouTube has tried to remove from the Ojawall project. Loxx Catt is probably not related to Judge Dredd, who is all about Law & Order, or the brother of the Star Trek: Next Generation robot android, Mister Data. Loxx Catt says, "Nobody can kill me, haha." Loxx Catt is 100K years old according to this drawing.

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Loxxcatt Very Old Cat Crown Nobody Can Kill Me.jpg


Here is a list I made in 1998 about what kind of Personal Computer (PC), not to be confused with Physical Contact (PC), which I wanted dad to buy. I wrote a list of minimum requirements, as follows:

Windows 95 (98 too)
Monitor: (monitere) 14" (resolution)
Disc Drive
Hard Drive
Memory (RAM)
Cable wire
"Complete Computer"
Cost $300 or more?

1998 Computer Details Wanted.jpg


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Blue Prints

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Tent Time 1

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Tent Time 2

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Barbie's House for Crystal

Barbies House for Crystal maybe.jpg
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Cat in the Sun

Cat Sun.jpg

Girl in th Sun

Girl Sun.jpg

Gymnastic Scores

Gymnastics Scores for us kids.jpg
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House Blueprint, Outline
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Loxx Catt

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Light Bulb

I drew this during a fabricated class of mine. I would tell myself what to do as I was my own teacher at times, that is whenever mother wasn't. I drew this diagram of a light bulb right out of like an encyclopedia or a Do It Yourself (DIY) or How Things Work books or something.

Light Bulb.jpg

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Here is something about metabolism, biology, which I made myself write as I taught myself as a home schooler at times before entering high school in 2000.


Published in August of 2018 | @JoeyArnoldVN
2018-08-22 Wednesday 10:00 PM LMS | Loxx Catt
Published at 11:48 PM

Katie Loves Nick?

Things written by Katie before 1998, probably.

Katie Feel Song.jpg
Katie Maybe Love Nick-1.jpg
Katie Maybe Love Nick-2.jpg

Love You, Mother

Now, please take me to McDonald's

Mom Love Ya Now Take Me to McDonalds.jpg

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The story of Bill Bailey and Savannah Larson

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The Story of Honey Cat

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The Story of Ricky and Crystal Arnold

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Home School Report

I made myself write this book report in 1998 on the space shuttle, and I just copied it right out of like an encyclopedia. It taught me a bit and it was fun to do.

1998 Space Shuttle-1.jpg
1998 Space Shuttle-2.jpg

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Neil Armstrong Middle School

Home of the Titans: just across the Pacific Avenue road from the house we grew up inside in the 80's and 90's in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA.

Student Rick Arnold: 1994-1996

1995-09-01 Handbook bleongs to Ricky.jpg

Mount St. Helens

1995-11-03: Friday: Rick went with his class on a field trip to the mountain that exploded back in 1980 in Washington State, which is dozens of miles north of Portland, OR.

1995-11-03 FRI St Helens Rick Neil Armstrong Middle School Trip 7 AM SMALLER.jpg


Rick studied Japanese and some foreign exchange students, or something, came and visited.

1995-11-05 Mon Japanese Students Here SMALLER.jpg

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