We are Being Divided like Never Before

Divide-and-conquer has been a tactic used by centralized authorities for millennia to help control populations of humans, increasing steadily over the past 100 years. The Covid "pandemic" has been an opportunity for states and elites to step up this tactic, but we're only just learning the extent of the divide forming between those who have taken the "vaccine" and everyone else. Vaccinated people are transmitting something - possibly spike proteins - to others who experience symptoms also found in Covid-19 (like blood clotting, pain, and organ damage). We don't yet know how this transmission takes place, or why it affects unvaccinated healthy people, but the end result could be division on a scale we have never seen.

A couple knowns:

  1. Vaccinated people are being told by the mainstream media to avoid unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people generally believe the mainstream media.
  2. Unvaccinated people, who generally distrust the mainstream media, are being told by the alternative media to avoid vaccinated people.

What if?

What if the SarsCoV2 virus itself isn't the cause of symptoms, but it's the spike proteins breaking off the virus, which are small enough to pass the blood-brain barrier, that are responsible for the symptoms of Covid-19 (and "Long Covid") - including organ damage, neurological disorder, and blood clots? (This understanding is shared by an increasing number of doctors and researchers not on the state or media payroll.)

And what if as vaccinated people's bodies are filling up with spike proteins, they're transmitting to nearby people much like a virus would be, causing Covid-19 symptoms?

We could be facing a MASSIVE wave of illness and death, which will look a lot like a 4th or 5th wave of SarsCoV2, justifying harsher clampdowns on freedom, more fear porn, and enforcement against anyone who hasn't yet taken the so-called "vaccine".

If the vaccinated continue to ignorantly believe they're at risk from the unvaccinated, stoked by their mainstream media, and the unvaccinated increasingly discover they're at risk from the vaccinated, won't society fracture permanently and completely down that line?

Is this THE dividing event?

That would explain the insane all-out push to inject every willing (and some unwilling) human on the planet, in as short a time-frame as possible. Because once the cat's out of the bag, it can't go back in. Once people know, they can't unknow. And once you're vaccinated, you can never be unvaccinated.

We're being told - by the lying mainstream media, who is surely overstating the reality - that more than half of Americans (and soon, Canadians and others) will have taken a Covid-19 injection.

Through my reading and talking to friends online, as well as talking to local friends and people in public, there does appear to be about a 50/50 split going on. Indeed, at protests I attend, we get a good half of those driving by either waving, smiling, or honking in support. Only a small 10% minority shows disagreement with us, and the rest are apathetic or unsure. That's anecdotal, and my town may be different than your town, but I mention it to back up the claim that society seems to be splitting somewhere down the middle on this issue.

What would our cities look like if 1 out of every 3 people could never be in contact with the other 2?

How would a city of 100,000 function if 40,000 of those people suddenly had to remain socially distanced from the other 60,000, never to even see each other?

For families who have split down the Covid issue, have they already sat down for a meal together for the last time?

Does this also explain the push for "vaccine passports" - which are stupidly named because they aren't vaccines and they aren't passports - to digitally identify unvaccinated people?

Are we being and divided down these lines for some reason - perhaps to disproportionately harm one side?

There are more questions than answers, but there has been heavy censorship of this developing topic, so hopefully we will know more very soon.


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