There IS a real risk of collapsing the health care system - but not the one we're being told

"We have to ______ so we don't collapse the health care system!" is something we have heard several times over the past 14 months. Sometimes we have to spend 2 weeks flattening the curve, other times we have to accept a rushed "vaccine", and so on. Always in the name of not destroying the health care system.

(Iconic image of the pandemic taken on Thanksgiving in the USA, anxious doctor and sad patient, Getty images.)

A collapsed health care system is no joke. In modern times, we no longer have real community doctors and healers - everything goes through the state now. If our heart stops, or we need a scan, or we break a bone, we have to get help from the health care system, that's just how it is nowadays. Good people die needlessly when the health care system is overwhelmed, that's true. We don't want that to happen, so threatening us with collapse of the system if we don't comply is pretty clever! Evil, but clever.

How CAN a health care system be collapsed, anyway?

One way is by defunding it - taking away its resources and ability to treat patients. But that's not happening right now. In fact, the health care system has been given a blank check to spend on whatever it wants. Temporary hospitals built, hundreds of thousands of contact trackers, billions spent transporting the frozen injections, etc. It won't collapse by lack of funding.

The other way to topple a health care system is overwhelm it with sick, injured, and dying people.

We're told this is the risk we face, because SarsCov2 is so contagious and deadly that the entire health care system is on the verge of collapse. We're told this here in Canada, but the health care system hasn't collapsed at any point in the past 14 months, and currently it's nowhere close. Same with the USA, no health care system collapse. Come to think of it, have ANY health care systems, anywhere in the world, collapsed in the past 14 months? No, none - not even in countries that have allowed the virus to spread unchecked! We're told it's an immediate risk, everywhere, but as the months and years go by, it remains nothing more than a threat held over our heads. This virus isn't overwhelming the health care system.

So the hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, diagnostics, etc won't be falling to pieces because of lack of funding anytime soon, and they aren't being overwhelmed by droves of sick, injured, and dying Covid patients. Does that mean there is no chance of the system collapsing? Unfortunately, it doesn't.

It could actually happen

Another way millions of sick, injured, and dying people can suddenly require care all at once, thereby crashing the health care system, is if hundreds of millions of people receive an experimental, rushed, politicized pharmaceutical product at the same time, and then something goes wrong. Most people aren't thinking about that possibility, because it's quite unlikely to happen... unless we were to purposely decide to do it, for some reason.

Yes, I'm talking about the Covid "vaccines". What if trillions of spike proteins in the blood have unintended consequences for the recipient? Or if tampering with DNA and RNA has unforeseen effects? Or nerve damage, blood clots, autoimmune conditions, cancers, or other serious health issues result from the rushed product? Or if there's an antibody dependent enhancement effect, or one of several other potentially-deadly unforeseen reactions?

Many experts, official, and doctors are warning about EXACTLY that. Not the small minority that get their paychecks from the state, big pharma, or the mainstream media, but all the rest. Some go so far as to say what we're doing is a perfect recipe for MILLIONS of sick and dying people to require urgent care at the same time. The true risk in collapsing the health care system is the potential fallout of "vaccinating" about half the population with experimental concoctions. The makers are immune from prosecution should anything go wrong - and a lot is already going wrong.

"Today we have reached 100 million vaccinations in the EU. We spare no effort to ensure that Europeans can be vaccinated as fast as possible." - Ursula von der Leyen (EU commission president)

Spare no effort. Vaccinations as fast as possible. With a product that has not even been tested for safety or efficacy on a SINGLE person - not one! These products are already the 2nd or 3rd generation of Covid "vaccines" from the pharmaceutical giants. The 1st generation was briefly tested (a few months) before release, but "mutant variants" rendered them useless, new formulas had to be created on the fly, and they're now being distributed worldwide. The makers admit they have literally no idea what the effects (good or bad) will be. "You have to take the vaccine to find out what happens!" - reminds me of Nancy Pelosi's "you have to pass the bill (Obamacare) to find out what's in it!"

Zero trials, not even on other animals. Brand new technology, never before used or tested. Straight from a corporate boardroom into BILLIONS of humans, skipping the laboratory altogether.

What could possibly go wrong?

Seems to me, if we are actually worried about collapsing our health care systems, we shouldn't be doing the one thing that could cause it.

I'm not claiming to know the future. I'm just saying this is an incredibly stupid plan - one that could potentially lead to the collapse of our health care systems, and much more.


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