Unsafe and Ineffective

"100% Safe and Effective!" has been the war cry, from every pro-vaxxer, from the start. Supposedly, the brief trials discovered no serious risks, and showed almost complete protection from Covid symptoms. To legitimize the rushed vaccine rollout, this mantra has been used over and over by politicians, mainstream media experts, officials, and a handful of doctors paid for by pharmaceutical corporations. None of these experimental "vaccines" are approved - they are merely authorized for emergency/experimental use. "Safe and effective" is brought out to quash any debate about the vaccine. Actually, there has been no debate. In fact, anyone questioning the mantra is censored - I myself had videos removed and was suspended from YouTube.

But now, the pro-vaxx side of this polarized issue has been forced to admit the vaccines DO injure and kill some recipients, AND that many recipients still get infected and die from Covid symptoms! None of these "warp speed" products are 100% safe, or 100% effective! It's time not only to have an open and honest debate, but allow individuals to weigh the pros and cons to reach their own decision! CNN and the other state media channels should NOT be insisting every person (even babies) immediately get this medical product. Instead, as you'll read below, they are doubling down on propaganda and lies.


For months, I've been reporting on the potential (and then actual) side effects of these experimental "vaccines". Allergies, nerve damage, blood clots. It was just over a week ago that AstraZeneca's product was halted in countries around the world, and a few days ago it was confirmed that something about the new technology is causing unexpected blood clotting, injuring and killing recipients.

Today, a study was published showing recipients of Moderna's product are suffering serious side effects at a tremendous rate, especially after getting a 2nd dose. Full-body chills, fatigue, and other neurological symptoms have already been reported by millions of people who were vaxxed.

Many groups of professionals, such as Doctors for Covid Ethics, have been demanding all experimental Covid vaccines be immediately halted, so proper studies, open discussion, and independent consultation can take place. The risks are no longer able to be brushed aside. There is a non-zero chance of you dying from these "vaccines". People are beginning to realize that we need to have an honest debate, and not allow "100% safe and effective" to be bashed over our heads and jammed down our throats.


What are these products effective at, exactly? As I broke down in my now-viral video The Pfizer "Vaccine" is NOT a Vaccine, the jabs were only designed to block symptoms. We have no idea if they stop transmission of the virus - and they weren't designed to, so it would be a coincidence if they did.

So right off the bat, claiming they are "effective" is misleading. People think vaccines protect them from viruses. And typically, they do. But the definition of "vaccine" was changed recently, so that these rushed products could be labelled as such. Nevertheless, "100% safe and effective" has been blasted from every screen and speaker in the world, for months on end, and anyone skeptical of the effectiveness is ignored, mocked, or silenced.

But time and time again, we see the vaccine is NOT always effective at preventing serious Covid symptoms, or death. Hank Aaron and Marvin Hagler both stepped forward to encourage compliance, then died unexpectedly. Before any investigation, their deaths were ruled complete coincidences (not a result of the vaccine or Covid). And there are many more just like those two healthy men, dropping dead despite (or because of) being vaccinated.

As millions are vaccinated across the USA, waves of deaths are being reported - always attributed to coincidence, or to Covid. Today, Michigan announced that hundreds of vaccine recipients have tested positive for the virus - and 3 have already died!

The mantra "100% safe and effective" was a lie, used to silence debate as the rollout began. Now that we know the vaccines aren't all that effective, that they cause serious symptoms in a large portion of recipients, and that they sometimes cause death, an open discussion of the pros and cons needs to take place.

Covid Passports

From the start, I've said the real agenda is Covid "passports" - a digital record of injection that will be used to gain access to travel, events, and other aspects of society. I don't believe the contents of the various products are the endgame, but rather, the compliance of the people who take them. Israel has already done it - nobody can go anywhere or do anything without a digital green star. This is the technocratic nightmare control grid that I've been warning about for 15 years. And just like the "vaccine" itself, the passports are said to have no drawbacks, and numerous advantages. It's the whole "safe and effective" thing again. And no debate.

Suddenly today, CNN has a front-page article finally offering to have the debate about Covid vaccine passports.

But just like the "debate" about the vaccine's safety and effectiveness, they pretend there isn't one. At the bottom of the article (which is very pro-state and pro-vaxx) there's a small section called "Pros and cons of a vaccine passport".

The only con mentioned? Two words, in the last sentence: "Privacy issues". That's it. There may be issues with privacy? Gee, you think?! Talk about a limited hangout!

The pro-vaxxers have had to admit they're killing people - and for no substantial reason! That's big. But don't expect them to give up, because they can't. They've invested too much, and I'm not talking about currency. There's no going back for them, which makes them very dangerous adversaries. They're getting cornered, and they're going to lash out. The "debate" will be limited to a few words about the cons, and pages about the pros. Making up your own mind will continue to be demonized. Having any stance - other than what the state tells you to have - will remain verboten.

We haven't won the war, but we won this little battle. Let's keep spreading this information, and encouraging real debate! There is no more important issue on planet Earth right now.


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