The Pfizer Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine

Pfizer is clear their product is meant to prevent already-infected people from developing serious symptoms, NOT to prevent the virus from spreading. And if it's not made the way vaccines are made, doesn't function the way vaccines function, and doesn't grant immunity, then it is NOT a vaccine. It's an injectable pharmaceutical product.

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It doesn't take a genius to realize things don't add up and something's going on. You're not crazy. Taking a "wait and see" approach is wise and prudent. Most countries (including Canada) are being clear that it is NOT mandatory, but that those who refuse will find it difficult to participate in society. All skeptics and critics of the vaccine are heavily censored, and fear of the virus is continuously stoked.

Under that duress and pressure, making an important medical decision might not be a good idea. For me and my family, waiting to see what happens - and until cooler heads prevail - is the right choice.

I hope I've provided you with some ideas and information that will help you in making YOUR OWN decision.


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