CDC announces unvaccinated people are a danger to society

Tucked into their new guidance issued today, the CDC inserted a few disturbing remarks about people who have not taken the Covid-19 "vaccines". Welcome to What They Really Mean (tm), my comical/dark way of translating propaganda, removing fluff, and exposing the narrative. In today's episode, the US CDC was motivated to update its guidance for the 37% of vaccinated American adults. Their new orders, simplified:

Once you are fully vaccinated, you can dine outdoors or attend a small outdoor gathering, unmasked, as long as any unvaccinated people are masked.

But you must avoid indoor gatherings with many people from multiple households, and wear a mask at large outdoor events such as concerts, parades, and sports.

We recommend masking for vaccinated people in crowded outdoor settings such as stadiums where there is decreased ability to maintain physical distance and where many unvaccinated people may be present. We will continue to recommend this until widespread vaccination is achieved.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people should still wear masks in indoor public spaces like shops, malls, movie theaters, and museums.

President Biden is urging all Americans to get vaccinated. "Once you're fully vaccinated, you can go without a mask when you're outside and away from the vaccine hesitant," he said. "The bottom line is clear, if you're vaccinated, you can do more. So for those who haven't gotten their vaccination yet, especially if you're younger or think you don't need it, this is another great reason to go get vaccinated. Now."

If you aren't vaccinated, you’re a danger. If you’re vaccinated, you get to return to a more normal lifestyle. So get vaccinated.


  • Unvaccinated people still need to wear a mask around others.

  • Vaccinated people can be unmasked outdoors, unless near unvaccinated unmasked people.

  • It's still too risky for anyone to be unmasked inside.

Takeaway message: Unvaccinated people are a danger to vaccinated people. Once they all accept the vaccine, we will be safe from the virus, we will be free of the lockdowns and restrictions, and the economic collapse will finally be over.

The lengths the state is going to get people to take these so-called "vaccines" is astounding. I wrote last time about the bribes of junk food and social status already being offered to people thinking about signing up for this massive medical experiment. Now, the blatant threat of being outcast from society has been officially added to the pot. I guess some people can't be bribed, but they respond to being threatened or coerced?

For me, these tactics serve to make me MORE hesitant, not less. I sense the desperation, I feel the threats, I catch the lies, I notice the propaganda, I suffer under the censorship. None of this is about free will, or really getting people's informed consent. The CDC has no credibility, and no just power. They should be ignored, or better yet, disbanded forever.

We must remember, these "vaccines" do not stop anyone from becoming infected, and they don't stop anyone from infecting others. The drug companies are clear about this, but the media continues to lie to the public through omission of this fact, allowing them to believe the injections make them immune, and halt the pandemic. All the "vaccines" do is make people into silent superspreaders of the virus, because their symptoms are muted. Now we have the CDC (and media) claiming unvaccinated people are somehow a threat to themselves and others? How could that possibly be?

This is all about controlling humans, and not at all about controlling viruses.

Shame on CNN and other state media mouthpieces for passing along this social engineering, which will lead to the victimization of innocent people - and emergence of an apartheid state - simply because they have not accepted a rushed experimental injection. The mainstream media outlets and CDC are the danger to society, not unvaccinated people.


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