My Harris's hawk with open wings - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 80 (2022.08.07)

#SMaP (Show Me A Photo) Contest Round 80 by @nelinoeva.

My favorite bird. The Harris's hawk of course. My female Harris's hawk. Today I already posted three photos about her in this post. The first photo in it was taken two days ago (on 2022.08.05), the second photo and the third photo was taken on 2022.08.02.

I decided to join this contest with a freshly taken photo.

A few words about it. I took it today (on 2022.08.07, 13:58 CEST). The temperature is 31 °C, and the weather is sunny and windy. She does not like the wind, but she likes the sunshine, and as you can see, she is enjoying it with open wings. The temperature does not feel that hot because of the windy weather.

All in all, today is a pleasant summer day. And yes. That on the upper left side of the photo is my finger. This often happens, when I use the wide (0.50x zoom) photo mode of my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A12).

I have not edited this photo. I know. I could have been cropped it to edit out the finger (or simply I could have been took another photo), but I leave it as it is. This is the most natural. A moment from our lives. And a common moment for many people. I mean accidentally having your finger on a photo. I saw this from multiple people.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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