Oh I would love to be here but.....

I currently sit here a dejected look comes back across this weathered mug as I ponder "Does this seem like they want me here?" I've made the quintessiental mistake I'm guessing, I have (again) written my private key wrong. How can that be? My handwriting is perfect and legible to others. I even tried them to be certain they were right, typing not copy/paste because I wanted to be here. But alas when I come back wanting to do some splinterlands stuff and check out hives offerings my master key cannot be found. I have no way to get to my account and cannot find a way to get help. I figure my posting private key will not help but I will check in a couple days from now with hopes I don't lose more funds but my hopes aren't high. So I will say goodbye and try to figure out how to convert splinterlands some other way.

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