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Bit of a Bumpy Start

Everything is running smooth now! We ran in to a few misconfiguration issues the first couple of days that Hashkings was operating but everything is back to normal. I anticipated a bit of a bumpy road but was confident that all of the issue could be resolved fairly quickly and I was right! Thanks again for everyone's patience, Hashkings users rock!

What's next

All things considered the gameplay is still pretty raw and at the moment users simply purchase seeds and start watering their gardens. If you visit the interface however, you may notice a whole host of other functions, everything from harvesting your plants to rolling joints and other group activities. In the coming weeks we will expand upon these functions and gameplay will become more challenging and fun!

We are also planning on releasing a couple of tutorial videos like we have with @etherchest which will explain, in detail, the ins and outs of Hashkings. This should help users understand our vision and hopefully get them more excited about playing. Want to smoke a joint in-game with your friends? You can and you can earn XP while doing so!

Stay Tuned!

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