Introducing HashKings Curation Trail

Hashkings is a community oriented project and our farmers know there are many perks for playing the game. Everything from airdrops of Kief Token (the in-game currency) and direct STEEM payouts just for playing.

We have created the Hashkings Curation Trail as another benefit to our Farmers and to include STEEM users who follow our trail and want to participate. As many of you know, following a curation trail comes with benefits such as receiving upvotes on your posts.

Our curation trail will upvote your content based on the amount of STEEM Power you delegate to Hashkings.

Please see the table below

DelegationUpvote WeightFrequency (Per Day)
151 - 350 SP30 - 35%1
351- 550 SP40 - 45%1
551 - 1200 SP50 - 55%1 - 2
1201 - 6000 SP60 - 70%2
6001 - 10000 SP70 - 80%2

You can remove or change your delegation at any time

If you would like to delegate today please visit SteemBotTracker or delegate using the links below

250 SP - 500 SP - 1000 SP

Would you like to follow our trail? Please follow this link to SteemAuto

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