NFT Update Coming

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token and is a standard created by the Cryptokitties team on the Ethereum Blockchain. Simply, non-fungible tokens are blockchain collectibles whereas fungible tokens are typically used as currency and soon we will have them available on the STEEM Blockchain.

An NFT can represent everything from receipts and titles on property to in-game items such as seeds and can be traded in the market.

How are NFTs relevant to Hashkings?

Since we can now tokenize each in-game item, Hashkings will create multiple NFTs to be used inside of the game such as seeds and land.

For example, users will be able to breed plants and create new NFTs with new traits carried over from the mother and father.

Example Hashkings NFT Traits

Hashkings OG

Hashkings OGStrain Name (Chosen by user)
IndicaDominant Type
Afghani x Mazar i SharifGenetic Tree
Pinene, LemoneneTerpene Profile
BroadLeaf Structure
DenseCola Structure
3 seedsMax Yield

Hashkings Kush

Hashkings KushStrain Name (Chosen by user)
SativaDominant Type
Durban Poison x MalawiGenetic Tree
Myrcene, LinaloolTerpene Profile
SkinnyLeaf Structure
Small NugsCola Structure
4 pollenMax Yield

How to Breed?

Let's take the two strains above as an example. The Hashkings Kush male has the ability to produce 4 pollen which means you can pollinate 4 female plants. In order to obtain pollen you will need to either:

  1. Grow your male to completion
  2. Purchase this pollen on the market as an NFT

The Hashkings OG is a female which means we wait until week 3 of flowering to apply the pollen to start the process. Once finished your plant will create 3 or 4 new seeds. We said 3 or 4 because in breeding the new NFTs will take on different traits from each parent. You will also have the ability to name your new NFTs!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

We are continuously evolving and Hashkings will become more beautiful as we get art. Thank you so much for your support and enjoy your STEEM Cannabis Grow!

-- @qwoyn

We are independently funded. If you would like to donate please send to @qwoyn-fund

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