Hashkings Overview and Update 1-29-2020

Hashkings Management Game

Hashkings is not a graphics intense game rather Hashkings is a management game. A unique way of interacting with the STEEM Blockchain taking the point of view of a Cannabis Farm Manager. Manage your farm finances, track your inventory, check the cannabis STEEM feed or trade your unique strains for breeding.

Instead of doing the in-game labor you manage the economy of your farm. You are in charge of inventory and the services you rent. In some cases you may not be able to afford services which means you may need to water your plants manually everyday and change your strategy. This means you must balance the number of seeds and plot credits you own and budget in order for you farm to be profitable and self sustainable.

After one week of operating your farm you will begin earning rewards in the form of STEEM.


Login and Joining

When you first visit https://www.hashkings.app you will be greated by the login screen. If you already have a STEEM account you can use one or both of the two services listed below. If you don't, just follow the link to create one.


This a convenient browser application which allows you to use your STEEM keys to login in to Hashkings. Simply type in your username, click sign in and your browser will be directed to steemconnect. Just follow the on-screen directions.

Steem Keychain

Steem Keychain is a browser extension.Please google extensions and find Steem Keychain. It can be used for the same functions as steemconnect.

If you are having issues please try the steemconnect version by opening a private browser window and signing in again


We have 16 Strains for you to choose from varying between Indica and Sativa. Once breeding is activated users will be able to make hybrids and sell them in our market.


Plot Credits

These are required to purchase a limited region. Each credit is worth 20 Steem Power which means you must delegate 20 SP for a credit. Each credit is 100% refundable at any time during gameplay with the only consequence being that you lose your plot.

Limited Regions

There are 6 regions

  • Afghanistan
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Central/South America
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico

Choose from each of the regions above. Each region is limited in number and has its own characteristics.


We have taken a small break over the last month but are now getting in to the swing of things so we have no new updates to report.

Stay Tuned!

We are continuously evolving and Hashkings will become more beautiful as we get art. Thank you so much for your support and enjoy your STEEM Cannabis Grow!

-- @qwoyn

We are independently funded. If you would like to donate please send to @qwoyn-fund

Hashkings Official Links

Hashkings Web App

Hashkings Discord

Hashkings STEEM Account


STEEM Community Showcase

We love community and the Canna-Curate Server has the most knowledgeable growers and smokers on the Blockchain. Stop by and stay a while, spark up a bowl and chat with some of the members.

canna-curate | The #1 Cannabis Curation Trail on STEEM

Read what our farmers have to say here and please don't hesitate to reach out in the comments below!

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