Battling for Splinter Elites

For some time I have been part of the Splinter Elites guild on Splinterlands. They are a friendly bunch and we have fun competing in the brawls agains other guilds. We managed to win the latest one and I was quite happy to win all my battles this time. That does not happen too often, but the guild has generally done well. We do not currently have any free slots for new members.


I am still working out the various aspects of brawls. You have various types of guild building (arena, barracks and store) that all play a part. We upgraded our store and that allowed me to buy my first item from there, which was a Gladius Case. That is a pack of cards that can only be used in brawls and you also cannot sell them. That seems a bit of a limitation, but I will see if they are useful.


I have been renting out some of my cards from splinters I do not use much and also lent some to someone to get them started. Until the latest set of cards were released you were lucky to win any in daily quests.

Today I saw this story on popular financial advice site The Motley Fool about Splinterlands. They are reviewing it as an investment opportunity. Their writer got to a collection worth $12,000, which has to be a good return on $10, but then you have to put in the playing time. Meanwhile people play other games that give them nothing back.

I am still playing Rising Star too. I always have a mission going on that except for part of the night as I am not getting up to start one. Some people seem to never sleep judging my the time they clock up. I just did a big card swap with someone to optimise our respective collections. I think some of the out of print cards could shoot up in value as newer players will want them. We shall see.

See you on the battlefield!

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