Points in new eSteem Mobile 2.1


Here is our recent update of eSteem Mobile 2 for Android devices. New mobile client for Steem blockchain with reworked user interface.

Posting, commenting, voting, reblogging and just being active on eSteem apps is rewarded with eSteem token now!

Finally you can earn additional rewards using eSteem Mobile and Surfer clients! Those who used recent eSteem Surfer update already collected some eSteem tokens. There is no user interface for it in Surfer yet but all your actions are counted since last release and rewarded with eSteem token which you can claim using new eSteem Mobile 2.1 now.

Also you can manage your wallet right inside the app now. Transfer Steem or SBD to your friends or send them to exchanges on your mobile. We will enable eSteem token transfer soon.

We are preparing What future awaits us on eSteem and eSteem token metrics post which will be posted in few days. Stay tuned to hear more about eSteem token and possibility to be involved as a contributor. For now enjoy using new version and keep earning your eSteem tokens.

What's new in 2.1

  • eSteem token rewards
  • Wallet transfers
  • Post scheduling
  • Customizable notification settings
  • Ability to delete comments
  • Transactions filter for notifications
  • PIN backup
  • Ability to send feedback
  • Dark mode style tweaks


  • Surfer drafts edits
  • Search issues
  • Switch account error
  • Estimated wallet value
  • Transfer notification issue
  • Edit comment issue
  • Disabled push notification issue
  • Reply issues
  • YouTube video issues

This version is separate from eSteem 1.6.0 you might used before. It will not update on it's own. Please download new application from Google Play.



We are still looking for beta testers, please report bugs here in comments or at GitHub. Tests will be rewarded.

iOS version update is submitted to AppStore and we are waiting for approval.

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