Guess our new name!

That's right, Esteem is rebranding!

Esteem rebranding soon

Changing name from eSteem to Esteem was temporary solution as we previously mentioned. After Hive hardfork, a lot of people were asking us, when Esteem will rebrand, because it was too much related with Steem. Name included it, also because we were one of the earliest apps. Hive giving us chance to start fresh with better name. Our essence is community! We will continue to serve our community with tools and products they like/enjoy using everyday.

For new brand name, we had to consider some of the experience gained from past few years and give our brand new image, it is same vision and goal but with better identity.
With new brand, we are introducing new upgrades and products. Each new update will require slow but steady migration without disruption to our users.

We have our new logo and name, we want to hear your thoughts and see who can find/guess our new name or can come close to it.

Here are few hints:

  • Non English word
  • Starts with e
  • Doesn't include hive or steem in name
  • 6 letters, contains c

Ok, that is more than enough šŸ˜

Let's see who finds it, winner who comes close or finds exact name will get 1000 ESTM Points.

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