There is not much to say about myself that should be of interest. Heck, even the mirror thinks I am pretty darn drab. That is why I don't own one, who needs the attitude.

A little tidbit about me is that I don't enter contests, or challenges or care for group efforts of any kind really. Another is that I like to see myself as a sort of walking contradiction.

Suffice to say though if you are that kinda group hug person and have been vaxxed (joke I don't care) then go to this post to find more info and details about the challenge itself.

Another thing about me is that I have an extremely good filter. Not for saying the wrong things or sorting information like a savant. I am extremely good at filtering out what I don't like and then telling people I don't like that.

Although it is simple when you don't like very much in the first place. Exactly what I told my aunt when she asked why she couldn't call me. Having a blacklist globally and then allowing people through is simpler than allowing them and then blacklisting. She still can't call me.

I kinda like simple things although my mind will complicate things, but that is only so I can simplify connections and then come back and tell you well that was not so hard which in turn feeds my need for accomplishment without having to actually do anything.

If you still don't know me then I guess you are lucky :P

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