Lydia Finance Airdrop: The First Whitelisting Round is Now Open!

Hi Lydians 🦁

We are delighted to announce our first whitelisting round!

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We are giving away $LYD tokens to thousands of lucky participants. Follow the required steps below to participate.


In order to enter the Lydia Finance Airdrop lottery, all participating users must complete the following steps.

- 1️⃣ Follow @LydiaFinance on Twitter.

- 2️⃣ “Like” the pinned Tweet on the Twitter profile of LydiaFinance.

- 3️⃣ Retweet (with quote) the pinned Tweet.

- 4️⃣ Join the LydiaFinance group community on Telegram.

- 5️⃣ Fill out the Google form:

All entries will be checked for valid MetaMask addresses, Retweet (“with comment”, or “quoted Retweet”) links, as well as valid Twitter and Telegram accounts.

This tutorial explains how set up MetaMask with Avalanche.

Additional Conditions 💥

  • Automated content like Bot-generated or so will be immediately disqualified.
  • All duplicate entries will be merged into 1 entry, to ensure that everyone is given a fair chance of winning the airdrop.
  • Winners of this airdrop can not participate again.


Lydia Finance Airdrop whitelisting round 1 will close at 6.00 pm GMT on the 18th of April, 2021.

Lottery Result Announcement

The result of the lottery will be announced via official Lydia Finance social media channels, including Twitter and Telegram.

Any other details will not be given for security reasons.

Good luck, and we look forward to welcoming you as $LYD token holders!

About Lydia Finance 🦁

Lydia Finance brings AMM and yield farming to Avalanche the most promising and the fastest blockchain for decentralized finance applications 🚀

As a team of professionals experienced at different blockchains and decentralized platforms, we intend to leverage Avalanche’s unique features like low gas fees, quick finality and combine them with our intuitive UI and fun gamification to lower the average user’s entry barrier to DeFi and offer a fair marketplace and profitable yield farming for everyone.

Join Us! 💬

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