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I am a medical doctor who lives in Antalya, Turkey. It's a coastal city in the southern part of the country and mostly its economy comes from tourism. My mother language is not English (of course it's Turkish :) ) So there may be grammar mistakes here and there.

As I have mentioned before, I am a medical doctor who has a specialty in primary care and I work as family doctor. In Turkey, primary care is free for every citizen and I work in a state facility. So my salary comes from the government/state, I do not get any money from my patients. Although I live in a city (Antalya) that has a 2,5 million population, my patients are mostly have low income, which immigrated from rural areas of the country. The city’s income is mostly from international tourism and agriculture.

I am married and the father of a 13-year-old girl. We like playing board games as a family. We have a collection of around 150 board games. Boardgamegeek is a website for board game enthusiasts and you can find and follow my profile from the website.

I also like to play role-playing games, but it's really hard to find someone to play with around here. It's not a well-known hobby in Turkey but me and my friends are trying to make it popular. We play board games on one of my friend’s YouTube channel called Masa Üssü (In Turkish). We, as a group, introduce and play board games online and create a community of people supportive of desktop games. This is our mission to spread the hobby of gaming in our country with my friends. Here is a sample of one of our videos, of course in Turkish.

My personal interest in science is psychology. I like to read about the history of psychology, behavioral and cognitive therapy. I have a long road to becoming a CBT psychotherapist but I am trying to be one. I'm having my formal education from Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies ( It's a long but rewarding road. Not just for helping people also for understanding yourself and the way of the world.

I am also an amateur self-taught bass player. But I cannot deny the help of my professional bass player friend and his lessons. (@toobuy) I'm not much of a skilled bassist, yet I love the process of learning music. We have an amateur group of players who learns together.


That is it for now, I just wanted to make a small introduction, I don't have any idea what to post next, it may be about music, games, medicine, etc. Please feel free to ask questions and make comments. Thanks

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