v1.24.2 - or - Why am I a Witness?


Building Something

It's all for them, really. Anything I've ever done was and is with the hope that it will benefit my #children in the long run. My hope is, that they never have need for want. Meaning, they won't have to put up with the same struggles I did as a kid. Both my parents worked all the time, it sucked ass. I stayed hella busy enough with sports and academic extracurriculars that it didn't bother me as much, but it would have been nice if they came to my matches, games or events. Would have been nice if I could have gotten the wrestling and boxing shoes I wanted instead of what was affordable. Would have been nice if I was able to do things other kids could. Hell, I even started working at 15 just so I could.

My kids won't have to. That's the plan. I see #Hive as a major contributor to that by either being a source itself, or leading to other things that happen because Hive is here. Take for example, @fullalt.


I've been doing what and when I can to help out this company. @jackmiller made me a founder alongside @inthenow and @guiltyparties. This is no walk in the park. We have major goals here, some of which have already materialized. We have released a microblogging and sharing module called #altyes that I personally love. We have released a badass gratuity extension called #hivetips and with our most recent update - #hivepatron. We have also issued an informative website encompassing all that is Hive called #hive101. And we aren't even close to done. Wait until you see what's coming next! Gonna blow your socks off your toes right out the tips of your shoes and stick to the wall!


The #community I started over 3 years ago is still active, despite all the other ones popping up everywhere in the flux of the new features. Sure, we have our own 'community' page, and we are even doing a #contest now that harnesses the capabilities those communities have. But, what has kept us around is a few important things. We don't really care what you post about, as long as it is yours. There used to be a significant push toward 'quality', but as that in itself is so subjective, we just decided that you be you, and we'll love you for it. What we care about most, is that you are willing to help others. The whole pay-it-forward mentality. Lot of real love in the Castle. We literally are the first family of Hive.


Sure, I do other things. I've been helping to build many a great thing out here and support what I can. #hivehustlers is pretty dang cool, they've got a great vision and some swell fellaz involved over there like @thelogicaldude, @thatsweeneyguy and @gerber to name a few. @solairitas from @definethedollar has a unique vision as well and I hope it gains more traction. The peeps at BRO with @bethalea always have a sweet spot for me. #adsactly is making moves and near the top of my list of involvement. @theterminal with @thekittygirl, @brittandjosie, @jamerussell and @xcountytravelers is a good spot for newbies that I like. #freewrite love for sure with @felt.buzz, @mariannewest and @latino.romano. Though I'm not an actual member, I have a soft spot for the creators in #powerhousecreatives with @jaynie. I support my fellow VETs and VIPs. I try to support groups like @thetalentclub and @fuerza-hispana that are culture specific. The #silvergoldstackers always have a spot and there really are many more I pay attention to publicly and privately. That doesn't even start to touch on all the people I 'follow'. My Hive family is huge.


Aaaaand, here I went again. I am no coder, that is abundantly clear. I have learned a bit and don't need to be told every little step anymore, but I still need help. Thankfully, @someguy123 has always promptly managed to assist me. I've been using @privex for my server since I started being a witness almost 3 years ago. He also has help now, in the form of @deathwing, who was able to rectify my goof-up in a matter of minutes. After a day of reading the wrong thread to get mine working, and well into fixing the problem with their help, @guiltyparties came through noticing I was missing blocks and offered his assistance. By that time, I was already on v1.24.2 so there wasn't much he could do, but the fact that he noticed and took the time out of his busy schedule to lend a hand means a lot to me. Thank you to all three of you.

EDIT: Thank you to @jackmiller for pointing out my APR was reflecting 10%. When I initially broadcasted, I had sbd as the parameter so it must have auto-popped the 10%, and I changed it promptly to hbd - even though it still says sbd on the blockchain.

The Final Reason

I do this whole witnessing bit, is to help make sure that there is a chain for all the people that want to create content here and engage with people. My Hive #family to its full extent. This place is far more personal to me than any drama-sacked #facebook 'newsreel' or politically clogged #twitter feed. I have come to grips that I may never get to the top 20, much as I would like to, it may never be a reality. I promise if I start getting close, I'll be hiring people to run the thing for me LOL! I also said once I get to a sustainable top 50 that I would create another witness as a backup, which I still will. I'm in this marathon with all of you. Some rats run the race, some hares, some tortoises, but we're all here together. Moving forward.

And lastly, because things like #snookmademedoit #butnotreally #iwantedtodoitanyway - REMEMBER TO BE YOU! In all that you do. I always am, even if I don't know I am.

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