Share #Hive content on Twitter. Use "good" hashtags. Get Hive Tips.

The last time I did this, I made it a weekend thing which seemed to be too short to get the word out, so this time around I'm setting the deadline as the post payout.

I'm also changing things up a bit. Since the idea behind this is more to get eyes on your tweets from non-Hive community members (as in, showing the Twitterverse all the awesome content we have here on Hive), it makes more sense to have individual tweets go out, rather than grouping them all under one Tweet.

Granted, having people reply to my tweet is great for my Twitter analytics, but I'd rather see many Hive Twitter accounts get a little more attention, rather than one getting it all, if that makes sense (which it probably doesn't, since it's a Sunday morning and I'm still on my first cup of coffee...😆).

As far as what I mean by "good" tags, I'm talking about any hash tags that are not Hive-specific. So instead of #hiveisalive #posh, or the Twitter handles of Hive accounts with large voting power, try using tags that relate to the post content, like #photography #writing #video #blogging. And putting those tags in a sentence or two is even better - let people know why they should check it out!

And not that there's anything wrong with Hive-centric tags (other than potentially annoying the large account holders by blowing up their notifications), but they aren't particularly useful in trying to get the attention of those not on our blockchain.

Last thing before I get to the requirements to receive @hivetips - if you're on Twitter, and you haven't already, I highly recommend registering for the #posh bot so you can start earning some @poshtoken for your tweets. @acidyo talks a bit about the development and future plans for the #poshtoken in this post from a month ago, all of which I think is wicked cool (and I'm not just saying that because I happen to be in the top 10 for earned tokens at the moment...😂). For links and how to register, check out this post.

So with all that being said, here are the specifics to qualify for some Hive Tips on Twitter:

From now until this post pays out

  • Tweet out a link to some Hive content (any front end, can be your own or someone else's post)
  • Include #Hive as well as at least 2 other non Hive tags that relate to the content (like #writing, #photography, #video, etc).
  • DROP THE LINK TO YOUR TWEET in the comment section so I can find it.
  • Tweet as often as you like, but only ONE Hive Tip per person.
  • Hive Tips will be given out throughout the week.

Many thanks to @theycallmedan for providing (and to @eddiespino for sending) the Hive I'm giving out.

Oh, and almost forgot - I'll be liking and RTing all the tweets that meet the above requirements through my personal Twitter account, as well as the HiveBlogShare Twitter account, and I might be curating a handful of them through the HiveBlogShare Hive account as well (which is trailed by the awesome peeps at @threespeak). For more info about the @hiveblogshare Twitter Curation Initiative, check out the post here.

I think that covers it. Please feel free to shout out with any questions, and...

Happy Twittering & Hiving!

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