Poshtoken has a website now!

Hey everyone!

Wanted to drop by a quick post with some news on poshtoken, we've got a website now where you can check your balance and more importantly, communities can check for users if they've connected their twitter accounts for some sort of verification if they'd like to use it in their member roles. More about those plans later!


TL;DR: what is poshtoken?

After registering with Poshtoken (how to below), you can earn poshtokens daily by tweeting with links from some of the most used front-ends of Hive! Daily 500 tokens are distributed to users sharing hive links on twitter, it only depends on if you are registered and if you get some impressions on the tweet such as likes, retweets or comments. Those who are sharing Hive links but aren't registered will also count towards the daily distribution but their coins will instead be burnt. So make sure you're registered!

If you go to the website you can easily register there with these simple steps as provided by @hiddenblade:

Add your Hive username and then your Twitter username:


Then click on Tweet the confirmation:


Tweet it!:


Go back and click on "I tweeted the confirmation" and select confirmation tweet:


Go through Hivesigner to sign your transactions:


If you've done it right @poshtoken will send you a comment verifying your verification:


That's it, from now on you're balance will be updated once per day depending on how your tweets have performed and how often you've tweeted with a daily cap of 500 tokens going out to every Hiver!

I've been meaning to make a longer post explaining some of the thoughts behind all of this but for now I just wanted to make a quick announcement of the new website and to encourage more users to sign up and verify so our token distribution isn't all too centralized to that @null account. ;)

Big thanks to @fbslo for creating the bot and website. Make sure to consider voting for his witness if you like what he does here on Hive!

While we're here kindly also consider @ocd-witness if you aren't voting for us yet!

More news and info to come about poshtoken and what we're planning on doing with it in the near future, stay tuned!

Let us know if you managed to get verified successfully in the comments! Thanks for reading and signing up!

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