This weekend, share your Hive content on my tweet with "good" hashtags & get @hivetips on Sunday!

As I mentioned almost exactly a month ago in my @hiveblogshare post called, The HiveBlogShare Twitter Curation Initiative, I'm one of those people that sees Twitter as the ultimate elevator pitch for Hive content, but only if it's shared in a way that gets the right attention.

Since that time, I discovered an awesome article on SproutSocial that talks about how to do just that -

Twitter hashtags: How to find and use the right trending hashtags

I especially liked this part -

So when you use relevant hashtags with your Tweet, there’s a good chance it will appear when people search that hashtag or topic. And the more visible your Tweet is, the more likely people will engage with it. Hashtags help boost the discoverability of Tweets and expand your reach beyond those that already follow you.

This is important not just for growing your own audience, but for showing the Twitterverse examples of the kinds of content they can find here. So if you just share a link and only tag lots of other Hive people, or only use Hive specific hash tags, only Hive people will see it (and the chances of any whales paying attention with all the spam tags they get on Twitter are slim to none).

But if you use "good" hashtags (meaning those related to your content that aren't just Hive-centric) then the chances of other people discovering it (and maybe joining Hive as a result) are much better.

For example, which tweet catches your attention?

This one...

...or this one...

In my humble opinion, ideally we want to use our tweets to get people excited about (and interested in) our content, so instead of a laundry list of tags & handles, try a quick little blurb to "sell" your post instead.

And to try to get the idea across, I thought doing occasional Twitter curations like this might help. Nothing ventured, right? 😊

So with that being said, here are the specifics about my specific tweet.

To qualify for Hive Tips during my Twitter curation this weekend

  • Like & Retweet my curation tweet (link below).
  • Reply to my tweet with any Hive content you want to share (yours or that of someone else) from any Hive frontend.
  • IMPORTANT - Include #Hive as well as at least 2 other non Hive tags, preferably popular/trending tags (see Sprout article).
  • Hive Tips will be given out on Sunday.


Link to my tweet -

I think that covers it. Shout out with any questions and have a great weekend!

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