The COMedy Rumble ~ Funny Old School Fables

Git Stephen Gitau

To put fear in the heart of an ordinary Nigerian child while growing up in the 80s and 90s was quite a hilarious scene when shared with children of nowadays.

Eating Eggs

I wouldn't know if it were because of money or greed or pretense. Something must be behind this.

Our parents told us not to eat more than one egg for a meal. It was adjudged that if you eat two eggs, fried eggs, then you have eaten two chickens.

Funny thing! I grew up with this thoughts that it is extravagance to eat more than one egg at a time.

Another thing about eggs was that if you eat half of an egg, your reasoning will be short 🤣🤣😂. I can't help to laugh now, know that I accepted this fable.

Flogging A Standing Tree

They weren't lying until the knowledge was tested and proved wrong.

Holding a long whip and flooding a standing tree was said to be a taboo.

I remember my mom telling me that if I flog a live tree, it spirit will come flogging me while asleep.

So, when I hold a whip or came, remembering that if I dare flog the tree, I am done for at night.

The truth was revealed when I was taught in elementary science that plants are living thing but have restricted movement.

Washing Your Hands With the Rain Water From The Roof

I know you'd remember this one. Each time it rains and we want to go slide in the tiled ground, we usually hear our parents shouting on top of their voices.

You will become a sculpture if a lightning strikes

At once, everyone will run into their homes.🤣😂🤣

Again, to wash you hands under the roof from the rain water pouring through it was a no go area.

On this one, if the thunder strikes, one will become crippled. Only for hand washing ooo.

When You See A Snail

This one was so weird.

Since we go to farm often, we received different lectures on how to behave.

Those of us who would go hunting rodents or snails were given the fable of life. Great lies that turned out not to have anything to do with what it was meant for.

For the snails, because there were many holes where snakes could be hiding and to take us away from the thoughts of snail hunting, we were told that next to every snail there is a large snake on the standby.

This made when we see even the most cherished snails that we all wanted and took to our heels because we thought a a huge snail was just going to by on standby.

Playing Without A Shirt On

Consoler creative257

This is one such funny fables were we told back in the day.

The dread we have got the police made this worked on us.

Any child who was getting heady with wearing their shirt, just mention that a police officer was on the way, it was with such haste that the shirt would be worn.

Later, we found out that there actually no law that warranted one to be arrested when they are not putting on their shirts.


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