🤔The 14th Amendment😎


I'm not sure people really understand the importance of the 14th. This is what set the bar for all things moving forward with the United States and the equality contained therein. It gave citizenship to people that did not have it prior to its ratification. This is what freed the slaves and gave everyone - not just 'negro' 'colored' 'black' 'African American' (the fuck is the politically correct term anymore, has politics been cancelled yet?) 'non-white' people - but everyone that believe(d/s) this country truly resides on the shoulders of Freedom.

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After some consideration, we thought it proper to do something to honor those that are using our family tag - #thealliance. I have been doing these 'history' posts for about a week now and including my three picks for the time period between posts. Today, I will start making them beneficiaries of these posts. What do you think is fair? 5%? 10% 15%? We'll go with 14 today since the first part is pretty important in my country. 😎

Fifty Shades of Green by @blueeyes8960Mother Nature Wins Again! by @omra-skyFound In Friendship by @zellypearl


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