Fifty Shades of Green - Wednesday Walk at Salt Creek Recreation Area

50 shades of green.jpg

On our trip to Seattle, Washington we spent a morning walking around the Salt Creek Recreation Area on the Olympic Peninsula, which is considered one of Washington's premiere shore diving locations. We started out on the shore at low tide so we could see the tidepools.


After a walk along the shore we headed for the trails to walk among the huge trees. This one shows its size with my husband standing in front of it for comparison. The trail wound through lots of lush undergrowth as well as the tall trees.

stump from huge old tree.jpg

It was almost like walking through prehistoric times to see these tall trees with the sunlight filtering through the tops to barely reach the ground.

walking the path w rainbow.jpg

We stopped to take a selfie with on a wooden bridge with another bridge in the background. The trail was about a mile long and the temperature was perfect for hiking.

selfies by bridge.jpg

It was impossible not to look up and appreciate the grandeur of the scenery gazing up toward the sky.

trees looking up.jpg

The trail eventually led back to shore at different point where we were able to get a different view of the sea.

lake view.jpg

This was a very enjoyable stop on our way to Olympic National Park and our trek up the mountainside. It's such a pleasure to experience nature in it's various forms and see things and go places you've never been before!

All photos were taken by me with my Samsung S21.








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