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All I have ever wanted in love, I found in friendship - Joel Ijezie

I will love to start this article with a question a friend asked me.
In the cause of our discussion, the question was thrown and the question was;

"Ever been close to someone, and all of a sudden the closeness isn't there again?
And both of you can't tell what happened?"

And here was my response;

Yes. Many times. It's not new to me

And that's the truth. I have been close to people many times, ones I call my friends but all of a sudden we start drifting away from each other. Sometimes we don't really know or can tell what happened but the closeness just disappeared all of a sudden.

Well, though for some we can't tell what happened but for some, communication became the problem or main issue. And like it or leave it when communication dies off in any relationship, then such relationship is dead as well, it is as good as nothing. Communication plays a major role in any given relationship.

And when talking about relationships, I am not only centering on a love relationship between a man and a lady but it cuts across all forms and all kinds, with friendship inclusive.

But looking at the quote; All I have ever wanted in love, I found in friendship, I can't help but say yes and that I am lucky to be one of those persons that found those things in friendship.
Yes, you can agree with me that most loveship started from friendship right? You don't just wake up one day to love someone or have a special string attached to one particular person.

I believe what Joel wanted to emphasize in his quote is that even the things we think or feel that we can only find in love(ship) can also be found in friend(ship)
Most times the things we are busy seeking in love can easily be found in friendship, and yes you don't have to be in any special form of relationship with people before you can experience those things or before you are fortunate to own or be a partner of whatever love can also offer.

I have had friends and I still have friends that even till the next life, I will be grateful for. I know the categories and likes of people I bless God's name for making our parts cross.
People always say that some friends are just there for some time in our life for a purpose and when that purpose is met, a lot of them will go their separate ways.
But inasmuch as I want to believe that, I also think and believe that most friends can be intentionally kept even after they might have fulfilled their purpose or reasons for coming into our lives.

Yes, a friend told me that most times, he intentionally keeps his friends. If he doesn't want to then he wouldn't force it but if he really does need them, he will do everything within his power to make sure that he keeps them.
At first, when he said this, I saw little or no sense in it to be truthful.
I mean, maybe that is because I am not the type of person that forces anything on anyone. We can be friends today but if the next day you decide not to be, I simply walk away, I ain't gonna force anyone to stay or beg anyone to be friends with me.
I believe that humans are very free beings and as such, nothing should ever be forced on them.

But if for any reason you aren't intentionally walking away but something just happened to drift us both apart, every once in a while we will always get back together to talk, and even if the bond wouldn't be as strong as before but at least there will still be some kind of connection, yeah that little understanding and bonding will still be there.

Found In Friendship

What are those things you feel that you can't have in friendship simply because it's not a love(ship)?
If I give people the opportunity to answer this question, some will probably give me a long list of them.
Some wouldn't even get tired of listing them and they really wouldn't mind.

But also the truth there is that all of the things we seek for or after in love can also be found or gotten in friendship.
It is only based on your understanding of that quote from Joel Ijezie.

And I will say this; If love(ship) doesn't work for you, why not give friendship a try? Because at the end of it all, you actually have nothing to lose.
Sincerely there are things friendship will open you up to that love(ship) can never. Love conquers all we agree, but to a certain degree, there are things love might tend to overlook but friends wouldn't and that's the beautiful thing about friendship. You are being given raw and freshly baked without any form of sugarcoats like what can or might happen in love(ship) (my thoughts🤔💁‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

If you got it in friendship, then you got it all.
Every relationship today started somewhere.
People who find themselves today in marriage academies, associates, and partners in businesses, etc all started somewhere around that ship called friendship
Yes most of them started as friends and they can tell you about all the benefits and things they acquired in that ship.

Once again, I will tell you that, all I have ever wanted in love, I found in friendship and I am not mincing words.

So tell me guys, because I am still tempted to ask you guys about your opinions on this.
What are those things you feel, think, or believe you can't find in friendship but in love? List a few for me if you wouldn't mind.

~Closing Thoughts

Before I fold this up, I will like to encourage us to treat people right. Even if some friends we have may not be there forever but for a particular season, we should learn to value and treat everyone nicely.
Until their purpose for coming into our lives be fulfilled, and even after that, learn to intentionally build friendship and value it as well because people are your greatest assets

Have you read from me today? If yes then thank you, my faithful readers, I truly appreciate your time on my blog post today.

Still your baby girl;)

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

28 July 2021



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