Get Benefits When Going Swimming

When I was at a mall to buy some clothes and cosmetics, my eyes fell on a large poster with a picture of a woman in a swimming pool. It looks refreshing in my opinion if you soak in the water when the weather is hot like this. Even when I was at home, I still imagined the atmosphere of the swimming pool on the big poster of the mall earlier. It seems I want to go to the bathhouse.

To get rid of my desire to go swimming, I also opened the youtube application to watch entertainment such as pranks and cartoons. Because I don't use YouTube Premium, ads on YouTube videos often appear. Ads that appear on youtube videos are ads that show people sunbathing on the beach while enjoying young coconut water. The advertisement aroused my desire to go to a public bathhouse. I also invited my friends to go to natural attractions that have baths to soak in the water. The next day we went to the mountains, where the natural baths are cool. I enjoy the atmosphere of a natural bath like this. The air is very fresh and the scenery is very beautiful.



While in the water and swimming, I discovered several benefits of swimming. The first is to reduce stress because swimming is fun so it can treat stress. In addition, physical and psychological health remains in balance.

Second, swimming can relax my body. Swimming can increase alpha waves in the brain. Alpha waves are waves in the brain associated with a sense of relaxation and relaxation that are often present when meditating. In other words, it is easier for humans to enter the subconscious.

Third, swimming can increase my happiness. I don't know the reason why, maybe swimming activities affect the performance of the hormones adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. This hormone is what makes people feel happy.

Fourth, swimming makes me more confident. I think you all know the reason. Yes, swimming makes the body healthy and makes excellent physical strength. Of course, it will raise my confidence.

Those were the experiences and benefits I got when swimming in a refreshing natural bath. Maybe on another occasion, we can go swimming together in a more beautiful place. Thanks for reading and greetings.

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