Seagulls don't like applause


I work away quite often as the nature of my work requires me to be employed on a contractual basis by large companies.

This particular 'gig' had me working on the North East coast of England close to Sunderland, and so I stayed in a cheap Bed & Breakfast just north of the city in an area called Roker.

Myself and another colleague who is in the same line of work, on a weekly basis walked down the coastline to the town of Seaburn to get a bite to eat in the evenings.

Sometimes the scenery and sunsets can be quite spectacular as can be seen by a photograph I took on one of those evenings.

On other evenings when the tide was far out we noticed quite often a whole load of seagulls around a quarter mile in the distance sitting on the beach. Hundreds of them!

On impulse we would both clap our hands as loud as possible and the startled birds all flew off chirping loudly. They must have incredible hearing as our clapping was not that loud!


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