Graffiti Contest Entry: grip (w/ hive theme)

I always see @ran.koree posting sick graffiti style graphics and I just felt inspired to finally put down pen to paper and ink on some old sticker labels I had.

Join this graffiti contest or just support those who are participating by giving it an upvote, comment and reblog XD


I dont expect to win since I dont do letters that often anymore but I think it is a really cool contest by @trippymane and I wanted to show some love by participating.

More than anything though; I want to remind everyone here who wants this community to grow and thrive beyond the fall of all else we need to HODL HIVE.

Everyone has to survive so I understand when people need to take profits but we should be striving to save our hard earned HIVE tokens.


I did 2 slaps and they are not my best work thats for sure 😂 hopefully someone thinks they are cool.


I am going to edit this post to include the link to the contest when I get to a place that I can access my laptop.


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