My Man doing Manly Things


Did you ever have that moment when you heart dropped and your stomach lurched because of a tiny little icon? It is called the CHECK YOUR ENGINE light. It is dreaded because it is going to mean money and inconvenience. It is all that much worse when it happens while you are out of state and on vacation right after an amazing, but expensive, holiday.

This happened to us yesterday. We were on our way to church when that light came on and our vehicle started driving a little rougher, almost rumbling. It was not normal, and all I could feel was dread and dollar signs coming our way. It is what it is, and we will take care of whatever is coming our way, but I said a little prayer. I need divine help to stay calm and trust in HIS hands. I believe all things are for our good- no matter whether it is disguised in the seemingly bad.

Hubby got a diagnostic check done at an auto store. It was cylinder 2 misfiring. Okayyyyyyy. That doesn't sound good to me. It sounds like $$$$ and time in a shop and some inconvenience by way of not having a vehicle for a hot minute.

On the way home from church, other lights started flashing at us- LCW, FCW, VSA, and CHECK EMISSION SYSTEM. Every light flash was tempting my inner freak out light to flash. I opted to breathe, pray, and look things up on google instead. I also jokingly would say every now and again, "i'm fine, we're fine, it's fine." It sounded like the other lights came on as a result of the initial check engine light. Okay. That is good.


Hubby thinks it is Cylinder 2 and a spark plug needs to be replaced. "you can do that?!?" We have been married 20 years, and I didn't know this. What a guy. My guy. Taking care of things and bringing hope to this crazy wife of his.
He bought a spark plug, and we went to my brother-in-law's house to use his tools. Wouldn't you know it? This man of mine got into that mini-van and replaced the spark plug. I checked on him every now and then. His hands were dirty, including his face. He was confident. He handled those tools like a boss, and by the time I had finished helping clean house- he was done. Just like that. I beamed with pride at my man doing manly things that I am clueless about but may learn some day because it is fascinating.

We loaded up, turned on the Odyssey. No more lights. No more rumbling. I looked over at my husband, providing and getting his hands dirty for us and smiled.


It may not be a big thing, but it was a whole lot of everything in that moment. It cost us a whole $10.59 for that part. I just wanted to share that amazing part of my day, and the gratitude I have for that man and the tender mercy from God for giving him to me and helping us out in these moments. Moments that stress out us mere mortals.

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