My first post on the Hive Blockchain

**Hello everyone, **

I hope if you are reading this you are having a great day!😁

I wanted to introduce myself to the Hive community. This is my first post and I am still learning so please feel free to comment any suggestions on how to make my posts more effective. I will be writing about myself, my education and some of my hobbies. Thanks!

About myself
My experiences growing up have guided my ongoing interest in technology. I grew up in Hungary where widespread electrical utilities started to be implemented nationwide a couple of years ago. Due to the increasing temperatures and lack of funding, many people are left struggling to live a safe healthy life. I experienced first hand the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey and watched my family's pipes crack from the failing power grids in the winter storm of 2021. My passion in life encompasses increasing the availability of basic human rights. Even more, recently I have lost someone very dear to me due to the lack of pedestrian safety. From this event I have been motivated to help make a change in pedestrian and bicycle accident prevention technologies. Because of my experiences I want to help the development of environmentally friendly energy solutions around the world to help minimize the catastrophes that will come our way. A way I want to help the ongoing issues is by using blockchain technology. I personally found out about blockchain in 2020, and it hooked me. I am looking to combine power engineering with blockchain technology to connect the two together and make a reliable system that is able to run decentralized.

Ongoing Education
I am a 2nd year undergraduate student at Oklahoma State University studying electrical and computer engineering with a soon to be declared minor in math or cs (Taking suggestions). Currently I am enrolled in a blockchain coding class for my honors credit taught by @trostparadox . This spring semester of 2022 I am continuing to partake in the engineering of an off-grid solar powered personal electric vehicle charging station. Mainly for electric scooters and skateboards on campus. I am looking to see if I can apply blockchain technology to this project in some way, but first I need to learn the fundamentals of both technologies. By joining this honors class, I hope to learn the fundamentals of blockchain coding to help my future research endeavors.

While research and education account for my majority of time, I am very interested in music, and so I have picked up playing some guitar and making some music. Additionally from a young age I loved the outdoors. So far I was fortunate enough to have visited Yosemite National Park, Sam Houston National Forest, and the Smokey Mountain Nation Park. I am aiming to visit several more national parks in my lifetime. I would also say I love eating food, and so I am trying to further learn how to cook dishes from all around to world. Cooking for me is not only about the amazing tasting food I get to eat, but also it helps me understand the different cultures around the world.img_7593.jpg This is a picture I took in Hungary while hiking! I feel free in the forests at home!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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