Battle Challenge - Regal Peryton

Hello Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

This week we have the battle challenge with Regal Peryton who is my favorite flying horse. He has a great flying ability which can come in handy and lightning speed. I currently have him as a gold foil level 3 where he has an increased magic attack.

Used with Obsidian, Regal can be quite deadly with the 3 attack score plus very useful for those games with earthquake rules.

My Team

This is a high level mana attack and I will try to use as much magic attack as I can.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
ObsidianA level 6 summoner
Unicorn MustangI hope this tank will help reflect some magic attack
Regal PerytonOur man of the moment
Queen MyceliaWith the extra shield and heal is a must-have
Goblin PsychicA good magic attack plus tank heal is essential
Kron The UndyingAfter Peryton, the main thrust of my attack
Mycelic SlipspawnMy taunt in this attack to buy time for my attack


The rules for the battle are:

Stampede - If a trampled monster is killed it can trigger
Spreading Fury - Increase attack for Melee attack when damaged

Watch the Battle

I saw that my opponent would be keen to use Llama so considered Obsidian to try and take him out with my higher magic attack to compensate. I realised that I should have used Grund here too, but forgot to renew the rental.

After the first round, they have already lost their taunt. My tank is however vulnerable without any shield because of the deadly Grund.

As expected, their Grund took out my tank which is a big blow. I managed to take out theirs too, so it's not so bad. Now it is time for Regal Peryton to step up to the plate.

I manage to take out their Queen Mycelia, but lose my taunt in the process too.

I manage to take out their Goblin Psychic and so far Regal is doing the business. I see a threat though with Mitica and his deadly snare net. Even caught in it, Regal is still managing to hold on.

Mitica is easily disposed of and it is 4 against 1. Regal is at risk though with low health against their Kron the Undying.

Despite outnumbering their Kron.. with the last stand ability and an increased magic attack, he picks off my team one by one until it is just Kron vs. GF Kron. With the slower speed I lose this one. Arrrrrrrrghhhh!


Regal Peryton is a great magic attack to have in the team. As you saw in my battle he can be countered by Mitica with his net. Usually with some healer, he can be a great 2nd row attack.

Thanks for reading.


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