My Second Splinterlands Max Card


Just another update on my life in Splinterlands.


About three days ago, I posted about my first splinterlands max card and today, I am up with my second splinterlands max card.


Crystal werewolf as it is called, is very useful and a key weapon whenever I am playing the life splinter. It has the silence ability, that is; it reduces one magic attack from every magic attacker in the opponent's team and also has the thorns ability that's; inflicts damage on any melee attack monster that attacks it. I so much love this weapon for the role its plays and I am happy to have it at its maximum level.


On a sad note though, my life summoner (Tyrus Paladium) is only level 6. So, playing this maxed Crystal werewolf with Tyrus Paladium will mean playing it at level 6 and thus, it will loose two health. Nevertheless, I do play it with my max dragon summoner (selenia) and I will profit from its full health.

How Did I Get 115 Crystal Werewolfs?

To be honest, my daily quest rewards and season rewards playing two accounts for about four months now have not provided me with up to 50 Crystal Werewolfs. I decided to invest in reward cards, especially the rares, epics and legendaries so as to max them out before they reach their maximum distribution cap. I have been buying werewolfs at less than $0.07 and this has been my base price. I always buy it from time to time and I believe I have bought quite many in total.

So, that was it for my second splinterlands max card. I have got a few orders that are close to being max but it is a tight call on which will be run-out first and I am curious about what will be my next max card and how long I will have to wait for it. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for your time!

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From Splinterlands, I wish you a great day!

@akomoajong 30/08/2019