Splinterlands Winterfest End of Year Promotion!

Winter is upon us, and the Bear has descended on the Splinterlands...but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate as we look forward to sunny weather and clear skies ahead! Splinterlands is excited to announce our Winterfest end of year promotion that features a new promo card that will be available to players - Arkemis the Bear!

Arkemis will be a Common rarity, Neutral card added to the game and players will receive a level 1 copy of the card for EACH booster pack purchased in the Splinterlands shop for the next 30 days! That includes all Chaos Legion, Riftwatchers, and Tower Defense Nightmare pack purchases and bonus packs count as well!

Additionally, each Arkemis promo card received with pack purchases will have a 2% chance (1 in 50) of being a gold foil version of the card, and players will be guaranteed to receive at least one gold foil version of the card for every 50 packs they purchase in a single transaction.

The promotion is scheduled to start at 4 PM ET / 21:00 UTC on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022, and run for 30 days, ending at the same time on Thursday, January 12th, 2023. The Arkemis the Bear promo card will be available and playable in game as soon as the promotion starts!

Just purchased some packs and upset that you missed the promo card? Don't worry! All players who made pack purchases since the 2022 Holiday Deals post was published on Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 2022 will retroactively receive one Arkemis the Bear promo card - with the same gold foil chances and guarantees - for each pack purchased within a few days after the card is added into the game!

Arkemis the Bear - Stats

Arkemis is a monstrous 12 Mana, Common rarity, Neutral character which means he can be played with any Summoner and in many different situations. He has a strong Melee attack and a significant amount of health, but it's his abilities that he's gained through years of weathering the (crypto) winter that really make him powerful.

At level 1 he Protects himself and all other friendly characters with additional armor, and as he levels up he gets the extremely rare Halving ability, which halves the attack of his targets when he hits them. He also gains the ability to block high powered attacks via the Forcefield ability and finally at max level he begins to get Enraged when he isn't at max health, which increases his Melee attack damage and Speed!

Get Your Packs Now!

The Winterfest promotion, including the Arkemis the Bear promo card, will start at 4 PM ET / 21:00 UTC today and run until the same time on Thursday, January 12th, 2023 in the Splinterlands shop, so make sure to get your packs before then to make sure you get enough Arkemis cards to level it up to where you need it to be for your league.

Buying earlier may also allow you to get packs that are eligible for additional airdrops that are available for the Chaos Legion, Riftwatchers, and Tower Defense sets. Keep in mind that the SPS stakeholder community has voted to burn 25k Chaos Legion packs every day, guaranteeing that the set will be sold out no later than the end of March of 2023, so time is running out to get those packs before they are gone for good.

Finally, we want to remind everyone yet again that additional discounts can be gained on Chaos Legion and Tower Defense pack purchases by using DEC tokens for your purchase. Since both of those packs are priced in a fixed amount of DEC tokens, you can pick up DEC tokens at a significant discount to the target value on various third-party markets and get your packs and your Arkemis the Bear promo cards for even less!

You can purchase DEC tokens with various currencies, including fiat, by clicking the "+" button next to your DEC balance along the top of the Splinterlands website, or on these popular third party marketplaces:

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.

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