Quest Potion Update

The Quest potions in the game (which provide 5 additional loot chests per daily quest completed) had been originally priced in DEC tokens only - since Credits had not been added to the game at the time - and their price in DEC tokens was based upon the expected value in DEC tokens of the rewards received.

Now that Credits have been added as an additional payment option for potions, coupled with the fact that the external market price for DEC tokens has increased considerably over the past couple of months, it has created a situation where far more than the expected amount of DEC tokens can be gained by making large numbers of accounts and purchasing quest potions with Credits.

This has serious implications for the overall game economy, and as a result we are immediately suspending the ability to purchase Quest potions with Credits. Under normal circumstances we would give as much notice as possible before making a change like this, however due to the nature of this issue we felt that the change needed to take place right away.

No changes will be made at this time to Quest potions that have already been purchased and are in players' accounts. The only change is that future Quest potions may only be purchased with DEC tokens and not with Credits.

We will also be reviewing the price of the Quest potions in DEC tokens as compared to their expected value in additional quest rewards and we may reduce the price in DEC tokens in the future based on that review if appropriate.

Finally, we wanted to assure everyone that a new batch of Reward edition cards are in the works which will be available in loot chests and we hope to reveal and release those as soon as possible. They will feature the new Chaos Legion card frames and potentially even a new ability or two, so please stay tuned for those updates!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.

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