Announcing 21 New Reward Cards

A set of 21 new Reward edition cards have been completed and are scheduled to be released on Monday, September 13th, 2021. There will be three new cards from each Splinter element as well as three Neutral cards, and the breakdown of rarity will be: 6 Common, 8 Rare, 4 Epic, and 3 Legendary cards.

The new Reward edition cards will feature the new card frame artwork from the upcoming Chaos Legion set and will also share the new DEC burn rates and collection power rates with the Chaos Legion cards which are detailed below. The amount of cards required to combine to reach each level will remain the same for these new Reward cards as it is for the Untamed edition.

Please note that the new Reward cards will be available in daily quest reward loot chests right away, but they will only be available in season reward loot chests starting at the end of the current ranked play season. This means that players who still have unclaimed rewards from previous seasons will not receive the new Reward cards in those loot chests.

As always, we want to thank our amazing playerbase for their support and understanding as we continue to focus primarily on supporting the unprecendented growth we have seen over the past couple of months and which we expect to continue into the future. There is still a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do for that but we are also trying to get new features released in parallel as much as possible.

Print Limits

To attempt to keep pace with the astonishing level of growth that Splinterlands has been experiencing lately, the print limits for the new Reward edition cards will be 20x the limits for previous Reward edition cards. The new limits are as follows:

  • Common - 8,000,000
  • Rare - 2,000,000
  • Epic - 800,000
  • Legendary - 200,000

While at first glance that might seem like a huge amount of cards, when you consider the current size and growth trajectory of the player base and the amount required to combine to reach max level, it is pretty well in line.

With these limits, there will only ever be a total of around 18k max level versions of each card (regular foil), which means that less than 10% of the current daily active accounts will ever be able to own a max level regular foil version of these cards. Additionally, there will only ever be a total of around 1k (Legendary) - 4k (Common) max level gold foil versions of each of these cards, making max level gold foil versions still quite rare and hard to come by.

Collection Power & DEC Burn Value

As mentioned above, the new Reward cards will have the same Collection Power and DEC burn rates as the new Chaos Legion set cards will have. These will be half of the Collection Power & DEC burn rate of the Untamed edition cards, and additionally the Collection Power & DEC burn rate of gold foil cards will be 25x the regular foil version of the cards rather than 50x as it has been in the past. The new rates are shown for each type of card in the table below:

RarityReg. FoilGold Foil

Updated Loot Chest Reward Percentages

Now that there will be a new set of reward cards with higher print limits available as loot chest rewards, we will also be able to adjust the percentages for the different types of rewards. Once the new Reward cards are released the loot chest reward percentages will be updated as follows:

  • Reward Card - 50%
  • DEC - 25%
  • Potion - 25%

Please note that a 1% of chance of receiving a Chaos Legion pack will also be added in (in place of 1% chance of receiving a potion) when the Chaos Legion set is released.

Show Me the Stats!

For those of you who were hoping to see the stats of all of the new cards, we're sorry to say that we're not going to show them here! We will officially reveal the couple of cards that were teased in the last AMA, but as for the others you're going to have to discover them on your own when they are released...BUT we will announce that a few of the new cards will feature some of the new abilities we have planned for the upcoming Chaos Legion set, which we will also reveal below!

New Abilities
Amplify - Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1
Forcefield - This Monster takes only 1 damage from attacks with power 5+
Camouflage - This Monster cannot be targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position
Deathblow - This Monster does 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team

Lava Launcher

Goblin engineers of the Burning Lands have outdone themselves with the latest model of the Lava Launcher, which unlike its predecessors, actually launches lava. The load chamber holds a fairly large amount of liquid magma, which is somehow balled up and launched toward enemies. Once it leaves the load chamber, the outside of the lava ball hardens instantly, making it land with highly destructive explosive power.

This weapon was developed by Azad goblin engineers under the employ of the Torch and being paid handsomely for their developments. Its creators were named Irv and Sterv Flanklin, a pair of twin brothers who specialize in weaponry and vehicular design. They’re happy to say that of the first 100 Lava Launchers made, more than 40 of them did not catch fire with the driver inside.

Djinn Oshannus

Dawn of the Djinn 3 of 4 - The Djinn are angry at the way they were tricked by the Planet, but also appreciative that they can now enjoy this limited freedom, each trapped by natural forces. The Djinn possess powerful ancient magic of their own, which is now charged into the force of one element for each of them. The ancient demons of war are an awkward bunch to be chosen as a planetary defensive force, but they are also impressively capable of the job. As long as they are bound by the Planet, they will do its bidding. Whatever their would-be choices and allegiances, they will fight against the Chaos Legion to protect the sixth mana gate.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.

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