Brawl Report #21 A Change of Guilds and Divisions, Calls for A Giveaway


A lot has happened since the last Brawl report, I have changed over to Pizza 1, The Stuffed Crust, always staying with the Pizza Fam! The question comes up, do you eat the crust first or not?

Either way, I am going to be giving away a flying card, since the Pizza Fam is flying high! My last giveaway had 50 upvotes, which allowed moving from the common to the rare card, we are going to add 10 to this one, so I am looking for 60 upvotes, if that happens, the Lion becomes a Devil!

• Leave a comment with your username, that consists of why flying is great, either in game or in life!
• No repost, upvote or tips, !PIZZA, !BEER, !WINE, !LOL, etc. required, but if you want to I will be appreciative!
• When this post pays out, a winner will be decided by random name picker (
• Winner will need to comment within 48 hours on the winning post, I want to make sure it is going to someone alive! No response, no winnings, but I want to send it out, the prize will roll over to my next brawl report.

As I post this SPS is currently trending at $0.113, a drop by a few cents, but I still think it is a good time to buy, speaking of that, there are 728,867 packs to go until the next airdrop, a summoner of some sort, maybe the eye candy from the last town hall shows a fire summoner?
The guild filled 11 out of 13 spots this time around, we are missing the Silver All Divisions. I have also changed the division, I am staying in the Chaos Legion only Divisions, but this time, only in Novice, a change for me, hopefully it will be kind to me!

Battle #1 (Link)
Nervousness is always in the first fight with a new backing, the new shirt still has the smell of newness and no blood, yet… or is that pizza sauce? Starting in the home arena with 30 mana, only melee allowed. I went water on this one for my double opportunity attack the enemy had the same idea as me on this one, double opportunity, this might be rough being in novice! Their gladiator got to me first, not cool! However, a couple of timely misses on their part allowed me the win!


Battle #2 (Link)
Still at the home arena, at least here I can still get some of that hand tossed pizza I was used to, but the stuffed crust is really growing on me, especially when dipped in the aforementioned pizza sauce… 18 mana, a low one! With melee only again! I am doing a weird one, going water for the double opportunity, and some fodder up front, hopefully it will work! They went fire, which was expected for the boost in melee, they have Chimney and the Platoon, some favorable misses might help me on this one, which it did, my double attack along with the shield helped me out!


Battle #3(Link)
Two wins under my belt at this point, but now I leave the comforts of home and the wonderful jacuzzi tub in the locker room, it really helps the sore muscles! We are looking at 20 mana, Stampede, and Broken Arrows, so no ranged attacks. Since I don’t have a lot of choices, I am going Fire on this one, hopefully Chimney will bring me the win! They went death, so I don’t know how well this will work out for me. I would say that Chimney went to town with the bloodlust on this one, a good win!


Battle #4 (Link)
Still away from home and that bed that feels like sleeping on a cloud, or was it enchanted so that it is a cloud? Hmmm… 12 Mana, Lost Magic and Close Ranged, I decided to pull out Alva the Crusher this time around, the shield, paired with the healing, I think could come in handy in winning this fight! They went fire, the increase to their damage might hurt, a lot, and with their gladiator there, it doesn’t look good for me. They did have the better setup than myself this time around.


Battle #5 (Link)
This one we are back at home, my gladiators missed the home crowd, they just cheer better! 13 mana Aim True and Melee can attack from any position. I went fire for the boost on things, hopefully they can stand up for a little bit of time to get my gladiator to start kicking it! They went water on this one, that opportunity is going to be rough on me. Yeah, their gladiator just kicked my butt!


Battle #6 (Link)
This one is still at home, so we have the good drinks, the good company, the best fans! Not to mention, the Pizza is always great here! 46 Mana, finally some good Mana, and Enrage. This time around I decided to bring out the Death, I have some big hitters with this one, hopefully it will be enough. They went Earth on this one, Quora is a hard one to fight. Some lucky misses on this one helped me to beat them!


Battle #7 (Link)
This one we are leaving again, why does Chimney need to smoke so much, it just stinks up the bus so bad! 58 Mana, Fog of War, No Sneak, No Snipe, I went light on this one, even though I do not have a strong gladiator, or healing, but I think that extra ranged damage can help me out. They went earth on this one, that magic damage with Queen Mycelia does not help me on this one. The magic damage just tore me up on this one!


Battle #8 (Link)
The homecoming fight, always good times, however, the parade march does take a lot out of the team! 14 Mana, only Earth and Water allowed, Aim True and Stampede. I don’t really have anything good with this one, so I am going Earth, with the regal as the tank, hopefully the double sneak attack will pay off for me. They went earth as well, only they went with Grund only, I need a miss, and I didn’t get it.


Battle #9 (Link)
The last fight of the new guild, new division, at it is away. 60 Mana, I can’t hit that with all of my cards! Spreading Fury and Rise of the Commons. I decided to do my normal strategy, the double opportunity of water, however, they went earth, so I don’t know how well this will work out for me! The speed really helped me out on this one, causing a lot of misses, not to mention the healing helped me win this one! You can also see the sad faces on the enemy!


Just over 18 hours to go, I am currently sitting at 4 and 3, not too happy with that one, I would like to be over the fifty percent mark. The guild is currently sitting in 3rd place, with a 15 and 10 record, however, 61 battles to go, there is a lot of time left on this one!

I ended up 5 and 4, at least I am over the fifty percent mark this time! The guild as a whole ended in 3rd place, 3 wins behind second and 3 wins above 4th, but the good news is that we still placed in the top 3 for increased rewards! More fun added, all three Pizza Guilds ended in 3rd place!

I also had enough Merits as well to open a Gladius Pack, however, my “awesome” luck with it is holding strong… yes, nothing special...


Other than that, the pizza family is doing all kinds of things over on Discord, come join us!

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Giveaway Pings

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Thank you for reading this far, additionally, I do want to thank the people in Pizza, a great place to hang out! I have learned a lot from it and there are great people and a very positive community.
You can find them here: Awesome Pizza Discord
I’m starting to track the Pizza token a little bit more as well, it is currently sitting at $0.02808, a great time to join the Pizza Family!

At some point I will be doing some other posts about my experiences in Crypto, but here are some links if you are interested in some other NFT Games or other games as well!

If you use my referral link I will send you 100 DEC to get started!
Rising Star
Great music NFT and a way to support up and coming musicians!
Still learning this one, but it is a football (American Soccer), easy to set up and go!
Star Citizen Referral code: STAR-LRKQ-D6NK
Space game, still in alpha development, playable, very immersive, sign up with the referral code it will give you money in the game along with both of us receiving a free ship!
A great way to get into Crypto mining, easy to set up, code gets you a 0.25% fee discount, uses the graphics card while you are not using your computer, or you can mine with just your CPU.

Let me know if there are any questions, you can find me in the messages here or in the Pizza Discord.
Lastly, thank you again, remember you are awesome and have a wonderful week!
Dr. Kqaos

Photos come from PowerPoints stock image, Bitmoji with Splinterlands logo on top of it, or my own screen shots of Splinterlands
Disclaimer: This is my opinion, not financial advice.

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