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Hi, everyone! Konaqua-desu! Here's my entry for Splinterland's current Share Your Battle Challenge.

This contest is designed to provide your experience and insight playing Splinterlands, a super fun NFT Deck building card game, where you can earn while you play!


Living within the Realm of Silence, the mole-like race of Scavo were affected by the toxic gas from the Mountain of Ash. They became highly intelligent and worked diligently to protect their home from the blight. Scavo Firebolts were particularly changed by their proximity to the magma, developing the ability to summon and launch bolts of fire from their palms. They defend their home by launching these fire bolts from great distances. Approaching enemies don't even realize the danger until fire begins to rain from above. Those that are incapacitated are especially vulnerable.
The Scavo Firebolts peered over the lip of the crevice, staring down at the Chaos Legionnaires marching through the tunnels beneath Mount Praetorius. The mole-like creatures' goggles reflected the glow of the magma that flowed alongside the path. One of them signaled, and the others lifted their hands. Their palms blazed with fire.

Below, the Chaos Legionnaires caught sight of the glow and stopped, staring up. Too late. The Scavo Firebolts launched balls of fire at the Legionnaires, and the figures burst into flames, screaming and staggering. Several fell into the magma and were consumed. Others dropped to the ground and tried to roll around and smother the flames. Still more simply beat at their clothing and armor with their hands or paws or eldritch appendages.
The Scavo Firebolts continued to launch salvo after salvo, and the Chaos Legionnaires burned.

Stats and Abilities

Scavo Firebolt has the same stats with Supply Runner with 1 less speed but 2 less mana cost. It has decent damage and health for a 4 mana unit and 2 range damage.
Scavo Firebolt starts to become strong after combining 25 cards allowing Scavo Firebolt to get to level 3. At level 3, his damage and health increases by 1 which is strong for a 4 mana cost unit.
At level 6, Knock Out is unlocked increasing the deadlinest of this card.

Knock Out doubles the damage to any stunned units. A monster with stun is required to have this ability become useful.
If you can pull off the Stun-Knock Out combo, it would be a huge impact on the total damage you inflict to your opponents.


Click on the link below to view the full battle:

Mana Cap & Rules

This is a 21 mana cap match in Bronze 3. I don'have the collection power yet. That's why my posts are mostly in bronze.

Standard Rules - No changes on both rules and mechanics of the game.

Team Lineup

I went with my usual Fire melee lineup and added Scavo Firebolt for mixed damage.

  • Summoner:Tarsa: Best Chaos Legion Fire summoner increasing both health and melee damage by 1.
  1. Living Lava: Has shield ability that halves damage from melee and range. He's also melee that can benefit from Tarsa.
  2. Tenyii Striker: Has sneak ability to attack in any position. He's melee as well for the Tarsa bonus.
  3. Scavo Firebolt: The star of this post. He still benefits from the increased health. A mid mana monster with decent damage.
  4. Radiant Scorcher: There's an extra mana and it's best to add something than nothing at all.

Battle Highlights

Below is the battle per round.

Red texts indicate what I lost that round.

Round 2

  • My Radiant Scorcher dies from opponent's Stitch Leech's opportunity ability.

Round 3

  • Shieldbearer dies from Scavo Firebolt's attack.
  • Scavo Hireling dies from Living Lava's attack

Round 5

  • Venari Crystalsmith dies from my Tenyii Striker's sneak.
  • Stitch Leech dies from Living Lava's attack.

Author's Notes

Scavo Firebolt is a decent 4 mana cost unit. It has decent damage and mid mana cost. The only issue that I have is that he's not a melee monster not being able to benefit from Tarsa.


If you have the strongest summoner in the game, Yodin Zaku, then this monster will become not as a firebolt but as a fireball capable of eliminating multiple monsters with Yodin's blast and Scavo Firebolt's Knock Out ability.


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