I Spy With My Little Eye... A Serpent?!?

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Hello, everyone. KonAqua-desu! This is my 2nd attempt on joining Splinterland's Share Your Battle Challenge, where, as the title suggests, share your experiences and insights in one of your battles. Enjoy!


Serpentines are serpent or snake-like creatures living in Splinterlands. Among them, there's a species that were never caught regardless of their activities. Wearing light armor, little spears, they struck the hearts of their targets in one shot.

Game-wise this actually makes sense provided that Serpentine Spy are melee monsters, high speed with high damage capable of one-shotting their prey. This is a must have card in every fire builds as they boasts high damage despite low mana for fire builds.

Serpentines are naturally sneaky, but their highly-trained spies can infiltrate even the most secure bases in the Splinterlands. They wear minimal armor, because they are never caught. Retractable miniature spears are the chosen weapon of the Serpentine Spies; they can be hidden easily and brandished quickly for many uses.

Card lore can be found on the Splinterlands Website.

Monster Stats and Skills

The only thing I would fault on Serpentine Spy is it's a bit boring to level up. Unlike other monsters that you get new abilities at level 5 normally, Serpentine Spy gets one ability at max level and that ability doesn't even make Serpentine Spy better because most of the time, if he hits, the opponent is already dead.


Use the link below to view the full battle.


Mana and Rule Sets

It's a general game with a bit high mana. To be perfectly honest, at high mana, I don't recommend using fire because based on my games, they excel on low mana like below 15. However, this is a special case because I get to showcase my (almost) full line up.

Rule SetDescriptionComment
StandardStandard gameplay, rules and mechanics without any changes.

Team Lineup

Team Composition Description
  • Summoner: Tarsa: Our very lovely summoner for fire. Boosts both melee damage and health.
  1. Living Lava: Living Lava
  2. Radiated Brute: Has reach ability allowing her to attack in 2nd position.
  3. Tenyii Striker: Strong melee that can attack on any position due to Sneak.
  4. Serpentine Spy: Placed roughly in the middle due to low health.
  5. Battering Ram: Cheaper alternative to Kobold Miner.
  6. Lava Spider: Low mana but High health to block sneaks.

Round 1

  • Truthseeker dies. Opponent's Protect ability disabled.
  • Venari Crystalsmith dies. Opponent's Tank heal removed.

Round 2


  • Lava Golem dies. Two more tanks left for me.
  • Pelacor Arbalest dies.
  • Time Mage dies. Last two on my opponent's side.

Round 3


  • Stitch Leech dies. 3rd kill from Serpentine Spy.
  • Damage from Lava Spider got blocked by Chaos Knight reducing damage to 0.
  • Radiated Brute dies.

Round 4


  • Chaos Knight dies. 4th kill from Serpentine Spy ended the game.

Author's Notes

The reason why Serpentine Spy is deadly is due to 4 factors that are very coherent with each other.

Serpentine Spy has high damage. The high speed allows him to maximize his damage output by attacking first most of the time. Due to Serpentine Spy's opportunity ability, he gets to target the opponent with lowest health, which mostly has the best abilities in the game. What does these 3 factors mean altogether?

TLDR: He gets to attack FIRST with HIGH DAMAGE on the LOWEST HEALTH monster.

The last factor is Serpentine Spy's low mana cost meaning you can pull this off in almost any games as long as the rules provide you to.


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