Djinn Apprentice: "We will"

This week's challenge is to show off a battle where we used Djinn Apprentice.
I love Djinn Apprentice so I'm doing 2 entries for this week.
If only I can share more of my battles with this guy. 😏

October 2022 2nd week's event.
You can check out this Share Your Battle link if you also want to participate.

Battle Link

Fog of War
Healed Out
Mana Cap: 46
Elements: All Active

In this ruleset, monsters can not use sneak and snipe abilities. So this eliminates some ways to hit the backline monsters first.
However, we can still use Opportunity and Scattershot abilities to reach backline monsters.
In my experience, there are 3 types of gameplay being utilized here:

  1. You would only want to put 1-2 melee monsters in your team for this ruleset, so you can expect your enemy to have up to 5 monsters with Ranged or Magic attack
  2. Some players still play more melee monsters by utilizing the Opportunity ability, but usually ends up adding ranged or magic monsters with this ability as well to easily take out the fragile backline monsters, but this leads to people countering this gameplay with number 3
  3. Utilizing the Taunt Magic reflect Return fire together with support monsters that have Tank Heal or Triage .

But in this game, Fog of War is paired with Healed Out ruleset.
This means that Heal, Tank Heal and Triage should be out of the picture in this game since these abilities are useless in this ruleset.
So in this game, I only expected my opponent to choose gameplay 1 or 2.
My opponent can still choose to play style number 3, it will not be a sustainable Taunt Reflect gameplay.

As for me, I chose to play FIRE and playstyle number 1.
Let's dig deeper on each of my card choices here.

Summoner: Conqueror Jacek

All friendly monsters gain +2 speed
Scattershot - All my ranged and magic monsters' attacks hit a random enemy target, ignoring even the enemy's Taunt ability. Excellent for when my opponent dares play number 3.
Piercing - If my Melee or Ranged monsters' attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health

Conqueror Jacek

All of these summoner buffs combined make my Ranged and Magic monsters with Blast ability deal more damage per round.
The +2 speed also helps by being able to take out an enemy monster before they can even attack.

Pos 1 Monster: Pit Ogre

Stun - His attack has a 50% chance to stun the target causing it to skip its next turn
Enrage - Gets +50% Melee attack and Speed when health is damaged
Void - Reduced damage from Magic attacks by 50% then rounded up, except when raw magic damage is 1, 0 will be reduced to his health

Pit Ogre

I just chose a melee monster with Void to be able to last longer in the battlefield in case my opponent chose to play number 1 as well with more magic monsters.

My alternative options are Grum Flameblade and Tusk the Wide, but they only have 1 speed. I wanted to utilize the speed that my summoner will give so I chose Pit Ogre.

Pos 2 Monster: Naga Fire Wizard

Shield - Reduced damage from Magic attacks by 50% then rounded up, except when raw magic damage is 1, 0 will be reduced to his health
Thorns - When hit with a Melee attack, does 2 damage back to the attacker

My problem with Pit Ogre is he can easily die with a focus fire from melee and ranged attackers.

Naga Fire Wizard

I chose this to be 2nd in line for its Shield and high magic damage.

Pos 3 Monster: Spirit Miner

Dodge - Has an additional +25% chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks.
Swiftness - All friendly Monsters have +1 Speed
Blind - gives +15% chance of evading from all enemy monsters. This debuff can be removed from the enemy monster by removing their blindfold. 🤣

Spirit Miner

I chose Spirit Miner for the added speed and increased evasion for all.

Pos 4 Monster: Elemental Phoenix

Flying - Has an additional +25% chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability
Blast - Does additional damage (equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up) to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster
Magic reflect - When hit with a Magic attack, this monster will return reduced damage (equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up) back to their attacker
Dodge - Has an additional +25% chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks.

Elemental Phoenix

Aside from its powerful damage output, it's also durable with at least 50% chance evading from Flying and Dodge abilities.

Pos 5 Monster: Djinn Apprentice

Deathblow - This Monster does 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team

Just the raw 4 Magic Damage of this guy justifies the 5 Mana Cost of always adding it to any of your FIRE lineups.

Djinn Apprentice

Pos 6 Monster: Countess Sinash

Opportunity - This ability is useless here since Scattershot has a Higher Priority vs Opportunity

Checkout this guide
Camouflage - She hides well she cannot be targeted for attacks unless she's in the first position
Swiftness - All friendly Monsters have +1 Speed
Affliction - Her attack causes enemy to be unhealable which is useless because of the ruleset.
Blast - Does additional damage (divided by 2, rounded up) to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.

Countess Sinash

This monster is best used with Conqueror Jacek as it has Swiftness and Blast.
With high speed and camouflage, it's almost untouchable.

Did your strategy work?

This was an easy game considering I have 22 raw damage output per round and my enemy seemed to not have anticipated it. My guess is @the-humbler thought I would play defensive.

What will you try differently next time?

I believe the lineup worked perfectly and I will not try to change anything.

Do you like Djinn Apprentice?

I love Djinn Apprentice. Given I have only 5 mana and 1 slot left in any game, there is no doubt I would always pick Djinn Apprentice.

Hope you learned something from my game and how I came up with this lineup.
What would you have done differently given the same ruleset, mana cap and active elements? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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