Splinterlands AMA Summary - September 3rd, 2021 - 2PM Eastern


AMA Summary

  • Speakers: Aggroed, Nateaguila, KnightAv (YGG)
  • Main Topics:
    • More Eye Candy!
    • Reward Cards Release
    • More Chaos Legion Pre-Sale Details
  • Recording Link:


Chaos Legion
  • Pre-sale will start in the next 2 - 6 weeks
    • Will release a whitepaper along with pre-sale
    • Staked SPS
      • Intended to be competitive - Please Push & Shove!
      • There will be a certain number of vouchers for the pre-sale
      • To join, you need to have money to buy the card pack, and a voucher
      • Vouchers will be fractional and can be traded
      • How much SPS to get 1 voucher?
        • Based on how much SPS you staked vs everyone else
    • You can't open the Chaos Legion pre-sale packs until released in the game
    • Aggroed is still pushing for packs to cost $2, but not final
    • Pre-sale will have extra benefits like exclusive promo cards but no discount
    • May stick with the bonus packs when buying 100+, or 500+
  • May push up the Maverick status to 1000 purchases packs in game
  • May accept SPS for buying Chaos Legion card packs
  • Chaos Legion cards will probably have less DEC burn value than Untamed

  • As more people are joining, everyone is fighting over the DEC reward pool
    • May make the DEC rewards lesser than previous seasons
  • Talking to more exchanges 👀

  • More SPS utility in game is coming!
  • BSC was chosen to publish the SPS token over Hive because of the bigger audience and market
  • SPS will be added potentially to buy spellbooks and other assets in game
  • Will be releasing new earnings in the Ranked battle system

Quest Potions:
  • Still determining the best strategy to handle quest potions
  • Purposely leaving it expensive it right now as the team believe it is broken
  • May remove it completely, or may add it back

Reward Cards:
  • Reward cards will be released in 1-2 weeks!
  • Will have a bigger print run
  • Should make reward chests include more rewards

Modern/Wild System:
  • Currently being worked on right now by Cryptomancer
  • Chaos Legion will be included in both
    • This will make Chaos Legion cards highly sought out and valuable to play with
  • Will have separate rank ladders for each system

Yield Guild Games (YGG):
  • Have started to run internal tournaments for all YGG guild members
  • Have a lot of players looking for guilds
    • If you are looking to run a guild, join the YGG discord and reach out!



Splintertalk NFT's (Out Of Game Collectibles)
  • Could be rewards without impacting the DEC inflation
  • No utility in game right now, but may be in the future
  • Will be available on Splintertalk



Reward Card Leaks


image0 (1).png



Type Of Land View: Mountain

Building On Land: Mine

Building Interior: Inside Of The Mine




Interesting Remarks During AMA

  • Average Growth For September So Far
    • 16,707 Signups
    • 11,400 Spellbook Purchases
    • Going to double users in 19 days if growth continues at this rate

  • Season reward changes are planned to be changed this season

  • Aggroed wants a 0 Mana Epic Reward Card associated with Chaos Legion

  • Roadmap is coming eventually
  • ~2 months behind due to the explosion in community growth

  • Hired two recruiting firms to increase amount of developers



Potential Backlog For Splinterlands Dev Team

Minor Tasks:
  • Add small icon to let players know they are in an active event that requires an action (Cryptomancer)¹
  • Add DEC pegged value in marketplace so players have an ideal how much DEC would be required to buy a card, or how much they will receive if selling a card¹
  • Add a new setting to allow players to change the sound volume¹
  • Fix Hive Engine packs not being displayed properly¹
  • Add functionality to automatically stake your max balance¹
  • Alphabetize the ability list in the dropdown
Bigger Tasks:
  • Output more accurate error messaging and possibly include resources to alleviate the issue¹

¹ = Carried Over From Previous AMA's


Next AMA - Friday, September 10th, 9AM EST (1PM UTC)

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