Brawl report 4W Strike battle analysis

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I am here to write my very recent experience in my last brawl. Brawls are an interesting part of the game that in my opinion has a lot of future if it's developed correctly. It encourages team member communication as guilds have to organize all their members to maximize victories in battles. As your guild performs well in brawls Crowns and Merit are awarded. You can acquire assets that can be played in brawls (like Gladius cases). And guess what!! This asset will also help in the SPS airdrop!!

First Battle

Mana Cap -18 || Splinters - Water πŸ§™ - Nature 🧝 - Dragon 🐲|| Opportunity - Front Ranged**
πŸ€“ Process of decision - I had to decide If nature with all its Magic resistances could deal with Djinn Oshanus and Venari Wavesmith combo. I decided to risk it. I was not wise but yes a lucky decision.


πŸ‘Keys to victory - Opportunity ability of all creatures balanced hits to my favor. That wavesmith is da boss, buying time for your army to win the battle!

Second Battle

Mana Cap -99 || Splinters - DeathπŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ - Dragon 🐲|| No Healing - Small League (one of my favorites) **
πŸ€“ Process of decision - I love playing small league with Death Splinter. The combo of great low cost creatures and the debuffs that they offer create high synergy and elevate the chances of victory. Animated Corpse as a main tank is lovely for just 4 mana ( and 2 attack!!), Undead Priest debuffs 1 health to all enemies and offtanks all snipers. Venari Bonesmith gets health enough to tank if battle goes wrong, Death Elemental (i just love him), and ranged force at the end.


πŸ‘Keys to victory - Although my opponent tried to build a solid army with a +1 shield, all the battle was under control as you can see!

Third Battle

Mana Cap -25 || Splinters - Water πŸ§™ - Nature 🧝- Life 🀴- Death πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ - Dragon 🐲|| No Abilities - No legendaries **
πŸ€“ Process of decision - No abilities? That means no magic resistance, isn't it? I went full magic and prayed it went all Ok. ()


πŸ‘Keys to victory - My opponent chose Mylor and it was easy win.

Fourth Battle

Mana Cap -22 || Splinters - Nature 🧝- Life 🀴- Death πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ - || Armored Up and Noxius **

πŸ€“ Process of decision - In noxious battles I always try to choose healing units. With such a low-budget haunted Spirit was my card. I also went with an animated corpse, priest, bonesmith, and jester as you will see.


πŸ‘Keys to victory - As you can see, every creature played its role in this battle. Armored up bought me precious attacks against Mylor, Bonesmith also helped, and Haunted spirit made its role as MVP, winning a legendary in a 1v1.

Final Conclusions

Brawls are such an interesting part of the game, that force you to understand all battle conditions and force players to make fast decisions in a short period of time. It is another way to increase Splinterlands assets. I can imagine that more features will appear in this part of the game. I just love brawls!! I encourage everyone to join a guild and begin playing brawls!!


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