My STORJ (St💿rage Node): April

I have been running a demo node for experimental reasons that I will share with the public.


My Storage Node Stats ✔️

Hi Storage freaks! 🤣 Ready for another amazing update of this experiment?

Right, this month of COVID-19 influence... might have driven the business quite up the hill. Or not? Not sure yet... Let's see next month.

One thing I know for sure. The newest updates from Storj, allowing free allocation for COVID-19 research data, it's definitely a driver here. This is a great opportunity for trying distributed storage for free... within a 1 year basis.


This month, lots of updates came through. And now we are able to see better details about the payout information. For example, this month I am expected to receive a payout of $1.08 in equivalent STORJ token.

In another view, not here very evidenced, a missing amount that was not added to the $1.08, is going to be "HELD", until I am servicing on the network successfully for some time (around 1 year for all HELD amount to be cleared).

The amount "HELD" is a way to avoid bad behavior nodes and fund "repairing" for nodes that support those actions. Just like the portion of the egress my node did for repairs this month for example, that gets reflected on the sheet further bellow displayed.

Progressively, the HELD amount will be released, proven you continue to support the netowrk without failures. This is an healthy way to support the network expenses of ensuring data security and redundancy.


I guess last month I spoke too soon. We went from 58.47 GB to 17.26 GB... Quite a decrease, but on the another view, I think I am seeing an uptrend for the uploads, especially because of what you will see on the downloads.

This month was also noticeable the increase of uploads for repairing data on other nodes. As you will see further ahead, repair egress was more than 50% of the user data consumption. I expect this number to decrease over time at long term, as nodes will progressively become more stable I recon.

Disk space consumption

Again, a major ingress this month. From the last 407.14 GB free, the node is now at 111.14 GB free space and it was already full once. I have then increased the capacity in 60 GB, to validate if increasing capacity was working fine, and since then, it is going up and down.

Noticeable increase of space tells me that there are a lot more customers, which is nice.


Ok... last month it was clear that customer data was increasing with 811.23 GB transferred... This month was the confirmation of that with an astonishing 1.49 TB!

Simply got my node full... the graphic shows that on the area where there is no data. Also, importantly to note that the days I got above 100 GB of data downloaded... it looks a LOT... but that's actually not that much. But I noticed the connection rate is not sufficient to saturate the node, or I am too far form the intake source.

In any case, this was interesting. Next month will probably be very little. Assuming the node keeps data from customer for some time.

Repair data is also something to consider. Around 10% of the usual total, so in this case around 149 GB! Meaning that the node when having space available utilizes a lot the repairing feature to re-utilize space and build data redundancy. Quite interesting to see if trend is going to continue or lower. Remember, we do not get payed by ingress, but having more distributed data, might mean more uploading chances... which directly rely on more profit.

Latest updates

Yes you noticed it already, DARK MODE! Finally right?! Looks super for me. What else would you propose, GUI wise?

Also, we got some new wanted features, I have, myself recommended. Payouts descriptions from several months. You can select which months you wish to select... 😍


Some "financial" data might still need more clarification, but for more details check here.

How much DID I GOT 🤑 paid?

I need to wait a few days for the payment to get in as usual, but I will let you know (by updating this post) as soon as it kicks in and I am able to share it. Last month payment was:

April Payment (PAYED)

I will edit this section once I have received payment. Let's see if it matches the newly prediction section of the payout:

Actual Storj received...

Way less than I was anticipating. But lets see.

And I have not noticed this too... which might explain

Error from coinmarketcap or the volume just fired like crazy? For me if the price did not change, it must be an error. Either that or something coinmarketcap could not get until now. Do you know why? Please let me know.

Let's see the next month... ⏳

This month was less exciting but still a great experience. Like I said, so far all great. If you have questions, checkout the Forum or the Blog section. Both have been quite useful to me. If you are looking for documentation on how to set up a node, then check the documentation page.

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