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Weeks ago, I mentioned about my DD ratings and how I wanted to increase my ratings, There might be bonuses involved for such a thing, the holidays are coming up and Doordash likes to give out bonuses.

Last year many dashers got a nice surprise in their account with massive bonuses ranging from 2500-5000 USD. This was also tied to the amount of deliveries they completed.

So last time this was all the same except two numbers.

  • Acceptance Rate - 82% from 72% * Slight bump!
  • Completion rate - 100% from 100%

Maintaining at least an 85% or above Acceptance rate, places me at the top. Sometimes orders and distances do not make much sense. Still no not ideal and I still have a long way to go. Since the acceptance rate fluctuates. I still able to get Drive orders that’s not an issue. As I also mentioned above its a battle to stay in as a top dasher. Tight spot to maintain, since everyone shoots for it, that also means less and less orders get rejected.

With the updates on prop 22 and how it will affect 1099 workers it’s a bit crazy to think some people actually think the government will help them, being a self employed person offers many opportunities that being a W2 earner. I still enjoy working DD I love the freedom it offers and while I wait for orders I can crypto it.

Even with the ever updates of the app the other 2 top delivery apps are also upping their incentive game, thus creating an even more free market.
With anything though I used to mullit-app it … but no more.. put in hard work and stay decided it will pay off even on the bad days.

Its always a grind for sure.

With all this being said, UTOPIS is still growing and building. Something cool is in the works.

What about other ways to earn Utopis, Chrono?



Yes, I am also getting some work done on some more ways to pump more profits.

Hustle Standard.

Tokenomics of Project Utopis

  • Total Hard Cap: 1 Million Tokens~
  • Total Burnt (null) 850,000
  • Total Minted: 150,000 and in circulation (80776.7836134) held by accounts, I currently hold 69,223.21638656
  • Current true* price of Utopis 5 hive, Market price is 3.5 hive

You can you buy Utopis on Tribaldex.
“Tribaldex is made by the same Hive-Engine Team”

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