Happy Saturday ! Update on my ratings

Looking at my DD stats and how I mentioned last week on wanting to get my ratings to a higher level, I am currently sitting at above 90s except for the acceptance rate acceptance rate is what I wanted to fix but for some reason it went down only because this past week I was getting a lot of unpleasant orders ridiculous orders but nonetheless I was still able to make some profit over the week considering the high temperatures.

Have a look at the screenshot.


As you can see it’s no bueno, I think I might of just bumped it a tad bit.

Nonetheless I will buckle up and bust out Today and Sunday before the cut off time Monday. This will allow me to step back and jump into Monday with a clear mind.

Than reach my short term target goal of 75% acceptance rate. I still able to get Drive orders that’s not an issue.

With the updates on prop 22 and how it will affect 1099 workers it’s a bit crazy to think some people actually think the government will help them, being a self employed person offers many opportunities that being a W2 earner. I still enjoy working DD I love the freedom it offers and while I wait for orders I can crypto it.

Utopis is going to be lit this coming Monday. Soon the divs will be coming.


This post rewards will go to the hive.fund

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