Rabona Work Report #6

⌛ Progress update

Hiya Rabona players and soccer addicts in general. As promised we want to update you on progress more frequently. Since our last update we did a lot to prepare the launch of the so long awaited tournaments, fixed a lot bugs and also have a small goodies for soccer fans with a Bundesliga betting event we sponsor with some Hive and RBN as well - read on.

You might have recognized a higher frequency of posts by the Rabona team including contests, guides how to play and more here on Hive as well as on Twitter. We hope this helps you to believe we are indeed working on developing the game towards new levels. Good news is that we could bring in some new players to the game which are also new to the Hive ecosystem.

⚙️ Codebase Cleanup & Infrastructure Update

In the last few weeks we've been working hard on the internal state of our (D)App. Though this work will be almost invisible to our users at this point, it is crucial for Rabona to be a maintainable project that can grow, introduce new features and handle more and more users which are playing the game. Also, now that we took care of the maintenance side of Rabona, we removed a major obstacle that kept Tournaments work slow and behind the schedule.

It makes little sense to go into technical details, but let's have some funny numbers to illustrate the amount of work that has been done:

To keep things balanced, the marketing team at the same time enjoys too much beer 🍺

👷 Planned maintenance

In order to upgrade our infrastructure for Rabona.io, we will have to make a scheduled maintenance, during which Rabona.io will not be available. This maintenance downtime should be no longer than 15-30 minutes.

We plan to do this upgrade after the end of Season 42 and before the following season will start. This will be the least obtrusive for our users and will give us plenty of time to do our work.

Of course, we will keep you updated about the planned maintenance.

🗨️ Join and contribute to the Rabona Official Feedback Board

As outlined we are very happy to have the feedback board now and saw a lot great contributions from you guys already, thanks for that! The suggestions will keep us busy for the next 24 months at least. This really helps a lot to listen to the community feedback and take it into account in roadmaps.

The Feedback Board is available at https://rabona.nolt.io. You can post suggestions, vote on suggestions of others, and discuss any of the suggestions to add your voice—and feel free to do so!

⚽ Join the Bundesliga Soccer competition

As indicated we are also co-sponsor for the Bundesliga competition driven by @jaki01 where you can win Hive, BEER and RBN tokens moving forward, for more details jump to the announcement post:


As we mentioned, we will be updating you with the progress on a regular basis, as we previously did in our Work Reports. Stay tuned!

* * *

If you have any questions, join our Discord Server, use the comments below or add suggestions to the Rabona Feedback Board.

Thanks to all supporters of Rabona!

— Your Rabona Team: @rondras, @mciszczon and @uwelang

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